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Greek shipowners intrigued by marine atomic power

Greek shipowners are intrigued by a new marine atomic power technology, according to Mikal Bøe , CEO of Core Power following meetings in Athens.

“During our meetings with some of the world’s leading owners, the discussions were about how atomic power can be used as a safe, clean, affordable, long-term solution to meeting IMO emission targets in the coming years,” said Bøe.

The scale of the challenge is there are some 60,000 cargo ships plying their trade on the oceans of the world and they all need to meet IMO targets within the mandated timeframe.

In addition, atomic batteries have a life span of 50 years, meaning that there will be no fluctuation in costs or issues around availability of clean fuels at ports.

“Greeks own some 20% of the world’s blue water fleet, they need to be able to plan ship acquisitions and building years in advance. Many new ships may be designed as ‘zero carbon’ or ‘carbon neutral’, but what of the energy sources that will deliver those reduced emissions?” asked Bøe.

“If we will simply be pushing emissions from sea to land and relying on either fossil fuels or super-low density, intermittent renewable energy to produce fuels such as ammonia or hydrogen it will only make matters worse, not better.”

Core Power is delivering an atomic energy solution in the form of a marine Molten Salt Reactor (m-MSR) which works like an atomic battery, as the only viable technology which can deliver a durable combination of close-to-zero emissions, marine-level reliability, walk-away safety and competitive economics.

“The discussions we’ve had in Greece focused on safety and economics, which are primary aspect of any atomic machine, it is also the basis on which a positive public opinion is formed. Losing the coolant in a reactor is a worst case scenario that is largely responsible for the poor public image of ‘old nuclear’. In the m-MSR atomic battery, the fuel is the coolant and the coolant is the fuel, so coolant cannot be lost, giving a walk-away safety level not seen in our industry before. The m-MSR will come in a single compact design and be mass manufactured to bring the costs down to below that of diesel and LNG; that really matters” concluded Bøe.
Now atomic battery power is being considered as the alternative that ticks all of the boxes for shipowners.
Source: Core Power

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