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GTT Strategic Ventures invests in Seaber.io, specialising in the digitalisation of bulk shipping

GTT Strategic Ventures, the investment fund of the GTT Group, announces that it has invested, alongside Counterview Capital, Lifeline Ventures and Tesi, in Seaber.io, a Finnish maritime software company specialising in the digitalisation of scheduling and chartering processes for bulk shipping.

Based in Helsinki, Seaber.io stands out for its advanced expertise in integrating artificial intelligence, industry best practices and machine learning to enable shipping companies to optimise their scheduling and pre-fixture processes. Its cloud solution offers dynamic, real-time management of cargo and maritime fleets, enabling users to easily optimise Time Charter Equivalent (TCE1) and overall fleet profitability.

In addition to its advanced planning features, Seaber.io offers scenario simulation tools that allow ship-owners and charterers to make informed strategic decisions by assessing potential impacts on costs and operational performance. The platform also facilitates real-time collaboration between chartering teams and fleet managers, with real-time updates and the ability to plan multi-port, multi-order voyages. By reducing port times and minimising ballast voyages, Seaber.io enables ship-owners and charterers to reduce their emissions.

Furthermore, Seaber.io provides accurate estimates of voyages and associated costs, based on historical data and updated forecasts, allowing companies to manage their resources efficiently for each voyage.

Hélène Loncin, Head of GTT Strategic Ventures, commented: “With this new investment, GTT Strategic Ventures reinforces GTT’s presence in the field of digital services for the maritime industry. Seaber.io’s advanced technology represents a significant step forward in optimising the performance of bulk shipping, and we are proud to contribute to the development of innovative technological solutions for the sustainable optimisation of maritime operations.”

Sebastian Sjöberg, Founder and CEO of Seaber.io, said: “Our vision is to be at the forefront, supporting the shipping industry as it enters a new era where technology benefits all. Over the past years, we have worked closely with our customers developing our scheduling and pre-fixture optimisation solution that has achieved significant savings. We are excited about GTT’s commitment in our mission to decarbonize shipping.”
Source: GTT

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