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Hainan, major China’s port set up international container route

The Yangpu International Logistics Center in western Hainan has officially begun receiving large volumes of cargo along a new cross-border route from the large port city of Jinzhou in China’s Liaoning Province. According to the Hainan Daily, the first batch of more than 500 containers arrived on the island recently.

According to the news outlet, a part of successfully delivered goods was imported from abroad. It is expected that the new trade area will become a key link in the transportation of a wide range of products from Northeast China to Southeast Asia and vice versa.

“This is both a domestic and a foreign trade route: the same container ships are used for transportation,” said Wang Dingyu, deputy head of the operations department of the port logistics company Yangpu Xiaochantan. “Thanks to it, the shipping efficiency is increased, which can be considered an additional contribution to Hainan’s free trade port. ”

This large-scale logistics program involves enterprises from various Chinese regions. According to Juan Feiu, deputy general director of Shanghai Panasia Shipping transport company, such a program with Hainan’s participation can significantly simplify international cargo transportation not only in the region, but also globally.

Yangpu plays a key role in the development of China’s transportation network. In 2019, the GDP of this economic region with more than 89,000 residents exceeded 26 billion yuan ($ 3.7 billion). In accordance with the “Comprehensive Plan for the Establishment of a New Integrated Sea and Land Corridor” of the Chinese State Committee for Development and Reform, by 2035, this port will become a key point for the distribution of goods from various regions of the country to Southeast Asia and Oceania, Europe and Northern America. By 2025, Yangpu is expected to become a major regional transport hub with an annual flow of up to 5 million containers.
Source: Tass

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