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Hapag-Lloyd: Operational and Customer Service Updates for Europe


  • France – terminals closed for 72 hours, from March 21 to 24, 2023. Please refer to information under France for additional details and all affected vessels here.
  • Türkiye – the Iskenderun terminal is closed due to the earthquake. We are accepting shipments from the Mersin terminal. Please visit our CustomerNEWS section here for regular updates.
  • France – ongoing strikes. Gate in and gate out operations are limited. Terminal restrictions in place with short window to gate in containers. Expected truck-appointment shortage that might lead to extra costs, including temporarty storage outside the port. Rail and barge are recommended to transport containers to and from sea terminals.

Terminal situation

Antwerp, Belgium

  • PSA: Yard utilization 913 between 70% – 75%. 869 yard on an operational level of 50% – 55%. Empty storage area on both terminals between 60% – 75%. 869 with reduced yard capacity due to ongoing construction work. Finish date was extended to end of June. Additionally, as of next month, due to pier works at 869, the berth capacity will be reduced by 400 meters.
  • AGW: Yard level at 65% – 70%. Reefer plug capacity between 60% – 65%. Empty storage below 80 – 85%. Sufficient labour availability. Terminal with good operations. Terminal is expected to receive two new gantry cranes by the end of this month.
  • All ANR terminals still have export delivery restrictions in place. Export cargo delivery gates will be opened only 7 days prior vessel ETA.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Europe Container Terminals (ECT): Yard at 60% – 65% utilization. Reefer plug utilization at 70 – 75%. Labour on a good level, at times in excess. ECT successfully swapped GC with one additional GC returning to service. Strong winds beginning of this week led to minmal operational delays.
Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG):Yard level averaging between 60% – 65%. Import dwell times with a downwards trend. Reefer plug utilization between 50% – 55%. Terminal with good operations. Cargo opening times for export cargo at RWG 8 days prior vessel ETA

United Kingdom

  • Southampton Port (SOU): Yard level 60% – 65% well within the operational parameters. No further structural vessel delays to report. Sufficient labour can be deployed. SOU cargo opening time for the acceptance of export cargo is 10 days in advance of vessels ETA.
  • London Gateway Port (LGP): Yard utilization between 50% – 55%. Reefer stacks with 50% – 55%. Full laboue deplyoment. All vessels with berth window but due to strong winds beginning of this week slight vessel bunching and minimum delays. Terminal with a good operational level.

Hamburg, Germany

  • Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA): Yard averaging between 78% – 83% throughout the week. Overall labour availability on a sufficient level. Almost all vessels with berth on arrival and few gaps in the line– up. Terminal with good operations.
  • Container Terminal Burchardkai (CTB): Average yard utilization between 65% – 70%. Ongoing civil works temporary reducing the overall capacity with no impact on the operations and first steps of construction being completed returning yard capacity. Terminal has free capacity. Labour availability on sufficient levels. Berth line– up with longer gaps at a time allowing a higher flexability.

G.M.P. Le Havre, France

  • CNMP/GMP/TNMSC: Le Havre and Fos sur Mer closures.
  • LEH – 72 hours terminals closure, gate and ops from 06.00 March 21 to 06.00 March 24, 2023.
  • FOS – 72 hours terminals closure, gate and ops from 20.00 March 20 to 20.00 March 23, 2023.
  • Extra hours and shifts are suspended for LEH/FOS


  • Terminal Genoa (PSA GP) yard utilization is currently at 70%. Empty container restriction for gate in remains are still in place ensure import containers are always stowed in operational yard and available for delivery; Vessel opening and closing time can be checked on PSAGP web portal.
  • Termninal La Specia (LSCT) yard utilization is around 65%; Terminal has fully reinstated the standard export container-acceptance procedures opening the second vessel with usual restricion related to DG/OOG/RF cargo
  • Terminal Genoa (GPT) Gate in restrictions still in place for DG and reefer exports because of IMO park limitations and strong increase of reefer volumes.
  • North Tyrrhenian ports (mainly Genoa and Leghorn) were severely affected by bad weather resulting delayed vessels operations.
  • (Venezia Vecon Terminal) Reefer area is currently congested, Terminal is now only accepting reefer cargo for the first vessel.

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa

Koper, Slovenia

  • Port congested due to heavy winds.


  • Port delay or congestion in main Terminals: (Damietta, Alexandria, and Sokhna) Delays expected during the week 9 for some hours due to the vessels will arrive out of their window.
  • (Port Said) No delays


  • No updates


  • Due to earthquake, Iskenderun terminal is closed. As an alternative option, we keep accepting shipments from Mersin terminal. (Mersin) Terminal is congested, vessels wait for berthing up to 144 hours after their arrival.


  • Beginning with March 6, 2023 terminal will start the refurbishment project of one of Quay Gantry Cranes (QGC). Project will take around 2 months. With maximum 2xQGC deployed on all vessels during mentioned works, we expect slight delays in operations.

Spain / Portugal

  • no updates

Transport situation

North (Poland, Denmark, Sweden and Finland)

  • Limited capacity in FI due to volumes consolidation in port after strike
  • Issues with trains in PL going throw Kutno due to railway system update failure, delays are expected

Germany & Central Europe

  • Rail expansion work is planned around the Basel area between April 10-17. No interference with our network is expected
  • From March 1, 2023, road restrictions for trucks over 12 tons will be implemented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia resulting in detours and longer distances travelled.
  • Prenotice for combined rail, rail and direct truck currently needed: 7-10 days
  • Expected capacity restrictions within the Rail network from 6 to 12 Aprill 2023. due to Easter Holidays
  • Due to construction works on the Gabacsi railway bridge between May 2023 and Aug 2023 delays may occur at the Metrans Busc terminal.
  • CTA utilization on manageable level – Strong winds over the weekend led to some operational delays, backlog is cleared.
  • CTB terminal started construction to transfer three container stacks from straddle carrier to fully automatic – Yard density and operational level are on a normal level.


  • No capacity restrictions for all Mode of Transport and sufficient equipment for local exports demand
  • Due to strikes in France some Carriers Haulage bookings being rerouted via Rotterdam/Antwerp
  • Winter weather as snow and fog could influence the transportation as well the port terminal operations.
  • Congestion on terminals is still high


  • No capacity restrictions for all Mode of Transport

United Kingdom/Ireland

  • Truck and Rail capacities are widely available.
  • Terminal Southampton – Port performance has significantly improved
  • Depot Southampton – Empty block stacking now taking place in Southampton due to no empty evac availability
  • Terminal Gateway – No issues, additional vessel capacity available
  • Depot Gateway – Empty block stacking may be required in Gateway by end of this week due to no empty evac capability
  • Terminal Grangemouth – No issues, yard currently at 70% capacity.

Adriatic Sea / Black Sea / Levante / Northern Africa

  • No updates

Ukraine/Russia updates:

  • Please visit general updates here, and the FAQ in this link.

France strike – trade overview of affected services and vessels

Services in the North Europe/Far East trade

Service: FP1

  • ONE Hannover 090W / 091E: ETA LEH anchorage 13th of March – ETB is planned for the 18th of March
  • NYK Orion 072W / 073E: ETA LEH anchorage 21st of March – ETB is planned for the 25th of March depending on possible strikes on week 12
  • ONE Olympus 070W / 071E: ETA LEH anchorage 29th of March – ETB 01st of April depending on possible strikes on week 12 and 13

Service: FE2

  • Tihama 022W / 022E: Arrived LEH anchorage 05th of March – ETB 19th of March – sailing time still tbc
  • Al Dahna Express: Arrived LEH anchorage 15.03 – ETB 27.03 –depending on possible strike during Week12
  • ONE Trust: omit LEH – discharge LEH cargo in SOU – LEH imports will be transshipped with the following FE2 vessel the AL NEFUD
  • Al Nefud – Arrive LEH anchorage on 04.04 – berth on 04.04 – depending on possible strikes during Week 12 and 13
  • ONE Freedom – Arrive LEH anchorage on 09.04 – depending on possible strikes during Week 12 and 13

Service: FFE

  • ONE Hannover ETA LEH anchorage 13.03 – ETB 17.03
  • NYK Orion ETA LEH anchorage 21.03 – ETB 25.03 depending on possible strike during Week12
  • NYK Olympus ETA LEH anchorage 29.03 – ETB 01.04 depending on possible strikes during Week 12 and 13
  • Services in the North Europe/South America East Coast trade

Service: ECX

  • Hungary – NA309A: ETB 14th of march, cargo operations to start on the 17th of March after the strike
  • MSC Branka – NA310A ETA 21.03, wait for berth after strike
  • MSC Chloe NA311A ETA 28.03 wait for berth after strike
  • Services in the North Europe /North America trade

Service: AT1

  • MSC Tampa – 6W10: will arrive on proforma 16th of March and will berth directly after the strike on 18/1300 hrs
  • Ottawa Express – 44W11 ETA 30.03 with high priority to berth on arrival directly after the strike if it materializes on week 12
  • MSC Anya 4W12– ETA LEH 01.04 with previous call at Liverpool (rotation change) if strike materializes on week 12
  • OOCL St. Lawrence 32W13 – ETA LEH on 07.04 – ETB TBC at later stage

Service: AL2

  • Tucapel 011E/012W ETA LEH 20.03. ETB subject to strike in week 12, and if it goes ahead, a change of rotation will happen as follows SOU-RTM-HAM-LEH.
  • Tirua 009E/010W LEH omission

Service: AL4

  • NYK Themis 084W ETA LEH 16.03. – COR LGP-LEH. ETB LEH 19/03 and ETD before possible strike on week 12.
  • Chacabucco 028E/029W LEH omission

Service: AL5

  • NYK Meteor 075E/076W ETA LEH 15.03. ETB 17.03. after strike in week 11. 2-3 days waiting time outside LEH.
  • NYK Delphinus 092E/093W ETA LEH 22.03- possible LEH omission if strike on week 12
  • Services in the North Europe/Middle East trade

Service: IO3

  • CC Pegasus – 0PE5PW1MA / 0PE5QE1MA: proforma ETB 13th of March – currently alongside in FRLEH, cargo operations planned to start 17th of March in the morning after the strike.
  • CC Fidelio – 0PE5RW1MA / 0PE5SE1MA: proforma ETB 20th of March, planned ETB 24th of March
  • OOCL Asia – 0PE5TW1MA / 0PE5UE1MA: proforma ETB 27th of March, omission already agreed, discharge of FRLEH imports planned in BEANR
  • CC Gemini – 0PE5VW1MA / 0PE5WE1MA: proforma ETB 03rd of April, planned ETB tbc
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Source: Hapag-Lloyd

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