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Heidmar, Inc., a Global Leader in Crude Oil and Refined Petroleum Marine Transportation Services, Agrees to Business Combination with Nasdaq-Listed MGO Global Inc.

MGO Global Inc., a digitally-native, lifestyle brand portfolio company and Heidmar, Inc., a global commercial and pool management business serving the crude oil and refined petroleum product tanker market (“Heidmar”) via an asset light business model, today jointly announce that they have entered into an agreement for a business combination (“Business Combination Agreement” or “BCA”). Upon completion of the proposed transaction, the combined company will operate under the Heidmar name and be listed on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the symbol “HMAR.”

Key Highlights

  • Heidmar is a single platform aggregator of maritime services for the tanker and dry bulk industry with unique and proven asset light business model
  • Strong cash position and no debt provides high flexibility for future growth
  • Heidmar has an established and diversified customer base leading to net income of $19.6 million for fiscal year ended December 31, 2023
  • Predictable fee-based earnings to further mitigate freight rate exposure
  • Heidmar anticipates being a dividend paying company post-closing of the proposed transaction
  • Transaction to be completed at a significant premium to MGO’s current stock price

Heidmar has been recognized for its commitment to excellence in commercial management, chartering and asset management advisory services. It offers broad services to shipowners, including tanker pool management, commercial management and time charter trading and is actively expanding into dry bulk pool management, vessel sale and purchase services and technical management services, including environmental compliance. Heidmar currently has more than 60 vessels under management, including both crude oil and refined petroleum product tankers, with an aggregate capacity of approximately 8.3 million deadweight tons.

Commenting on the transaction, Maximiliano Ojeda, Founder, Chairman and CEO of MGO, noted, “We are thrilled to announce this Business Combination Agreement with Heidmar, which we believe will position the combined company to capitalize on the evolving, underserved demands of the massive $370 billion global tanker shipping market. The fundamental strength of Heidmar’s profitable business, coupled with anticipated future growth fueled by its leading asset-light business model, provides a compelling and potentially transformative opportunity for our fellow MGO shareholders. As MGO has worked through this process, we have been particularly impressed with the significant public company experience of Heidmar’s leadership team, as well as their long track record of success in driving growth and sustainable value creation for shareholders and the world’s leading oil and energy companies, traders and ship owners.”

Pankaj Khanna, Chief Executive Officer of Heidmar, added, “Today marks a key inflexion point in the ongoing evolution of Heidmar as a global leader in the marine transportation services industry. Having profitably grown Heidmar’s revenues ten-fold, from $5 million in 2021 to nearly $50 million in 2023, we also generated net income of $19.6 million in 2023 leading to approximately 40% net margins. Heidmar has established a sound foundation that is expected to effectively support substantial future growth through diligent execution of our business expansion strategies. I am very proud of what the Heidmar Team has achieved since we assumed leadership of the Company in 2020 and look forward to leveraging the Heidmar brand and relationships built over the last four decades to fuel further growth. Heidmar has a critical role to play in the decarbonization of the shipping industry by providing operational and technical measures to our clients to reduce CO2 emissions.”

Transaction Overview

The transaction will be effectuated through a holding company structure, whereby MGO and Heidmar will each become wholly-owned subsidiaries of a newly incorporated Marshall Islands company (“PubCo”). Under the agreement, shareholders of MGO will receive one registered common share of PubCo for each share of MGO’s common stock they own with an implied fully diluted equity value of $18.0 million. Heidmar’s shareholders will exchange their shares of Heidmar common stock for $300 million in registered common shares of PubCo, subject to certain adjustments, at the same implied price per share as MGO.

The transaction also includes an earnout payable to existing shareholders of Heidmar (“Pre-Closing Heidmar Shareholders”), which, if earned, consists of $30 million of additional registered common shares of PubCo. PubCo would issue these shares to Pre-Closing Heidmar Shareholders if PubCo achieves or exceeds US$45 million of revenue, US$30 million EBITDA or US$25 million of net income for the fiscal year ending 2024.

The boards of directors of both companies have unanimously approved the signing of the BCA. The Business Combination is expected to close late in the third quarter of 2024, subject to satisfying certain customary closing conditions, including the receipt of approvals from MGO’s shareholders and the listing of PubCo registered common shares on Nasdaq.

The Business Combination Agreement contains customary representations, warranties and covenants made by MGO and Heidmar, including covenants that both parties use their commercially reasonably efforts to cause the transactions contemplated by the agreement to be completed, regarding obtaining the requisite approval of MGO’s shareholders, regarding indemnification of directors and officers, and regarding MGO’s and Heidmar’s conduct of their respective businesses between the date of signing of the Business Combination Agreement and the closing. The BCA also contains certain termination rights for both MGO and Heidmar.

The MGO Board of Directors has recommended to MGO shareholders that they vote to approve the BCA and the transaction. MGO also received a fairness opinion in connection with the transaction. MGO’s existing shareholders are expected to own approximately 5.6% of the PubCo after the transactions.
Source: Heidmar

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