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Approval process for crew changes
Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Port Louis, Mauritius

The port authorities at Port Louis have issued new guidelines with the following steps for the processing of the crew change approvals:

All requests for change of crew should be made only to the Port Master at least 14 days before the operation to allow ample time for proper verification of documents and processing.
Requests should not be made in a piecemeal manner and the information provided should be complete.
The format of the request (giving full details) should be the same as that presently used to apply to PIO and Health for clearance. A template will follow in due course.
Requests should also be accompanied by a Declaration Form signed by the Shipping Agent certifying that the members of the incoming crew (Onsigners) have not been physically present in any country mentioned as prohibited in the NOTAM in force (presently the countries are United Kingdom, South Africa, Japan and Brazil.
Upon receipt of the request for change of crew, the Port Master will seek necessary approvals/clearances from the Ministry of Health and Wellness (Airport Health and Port Health) and the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO Port and PIO Airport).

Upon arrival, the Mauritius Port Authorities will authorise the shipping agents to initiate action at their end for the change of crew. Once approval is conveyed, no alteration may be made to the crew list without seeking approval anew.

No crew member should be authorised to travel to Mauritius before approval for change of crew is conveyed by the Mauritius Ports Authority.

(For information about operations in Mauritius, contact the GAC Dubai Hub Agency Centre at [email protected])

Source: Celero Shipping – GAC network agent

Operations suspended due to heavy swell
Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Gibraltar

Gibraltar Port Authority has advised that due to heavy swells, no more vessels will be called in for pilot/anchorage. Those currently in the anchorage may stay.

Bunker barges are also unable to go alongside vessels, and OPL has been suspended due to swells of 3-4 metres.

For information about operations in Gibraltar, contact GAC Gibraltar at [email protected]

Port deploys autonomous drones for safety enforcement
Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Antwerp, Belgium

To maintain safety in the complex port environment, Port of Antwerp is deploying an autonomous drone for the first time. The fully autonomous drone will be testing various use cases in the field of inspection and control. This is part of the short-term ambition to support the port authority in its core tasks by means of a network of autonomous drones…

…Drones afford a unique bird’s eye view, enabling port authorities to manage, inspect and supervise a large area quickly and safely. This week, for the first time, an autonomous drone developed in collaboration with the company DroneMatrix will be deployed. The drone departs from a fixed operating base near Kieldrecht Lock and follows a fixed route in the port. In addition, the drone can also fly on demand, for example in emergencies where an overview of the situation is critical…

…The drone will test out various use cases, such as infrastructure inspection, surveillance and monitoring, incident management, berth management and oil spill or drift waste detection. The objective is to test the various applications in a realistic and complex environment (Seveso companies, wind turbines, high voltage, etc.) so that they can support the Harbour Safety & Security (HSS) department in the future. Several tests with other autonomous systems will follow over the course of 2021, in preparation of an operational network of autonomous drones ready to be deployed in 2022…

…This first test involving an autonomous drone is the result of the innovation platform that Port of Antwerp makes available to technology developers and industrial players in order to test new technologies in the port environment and to accelerate their development…

(For information about operations in Antwerp, contact GAC Belgium at [email protected])

Source: Extracts from Port of Antwerp (www.portofantwerp.com) press release dated 24 February 2021

Source: GAC

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