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Intermarine launches Intermarine Bulk Carriers and expands fleet by two vessels

Intermarine has thrived since its full integration into the SAL-Intermarine Group a year and a half ago. Specialized in liner services and project cargo, the company has built an excellent reputation as a leading, high-quality MPP operator in the global breakbulk industry. Now, Intermarine is expanding its portfolio to offer bulk shipping services under the new Intermarine Bulk Carriers brand. Intermarine is also expanding its fleet with two additional F300 vessels. The new fleet will consist of a total of 30 units.

The newly founded Intermarine Bulk Carriers will commercially manage Harren Group’s bulk carriers – a total of six units with a combined deadweight of 350,000 t. From now on, Intermarine will offer MPP vessels as well as ECO OHBS Handysize bulk tonnage. Intermarine’s bulk experts will also act as commercial managers for the Group’s larger 76,000 to 95,000 DWT bulkers. These vessels are suitable for transporting wind blades on deck, for example.

“This move puts Intermarine in a bigger and better position. The synergies between MPP and bulk tonnage will take us to a new level,” says Intermarine President Richard Seeg.

“Intermarine will further strengthen its product portfolio by merging all MPP and bulk forces. Customers will benefit from greater choices and better, more efficient solutions,” explains Intermarine CEO Svend Andersen. COO Lars Rassmussen adds: “The expansion will open up completely new markets and customer groups for Intermarine. This is a perfect complement – a win-win situation for our customers and for us.”

The Intermarine Bulk Carriers management team consists of Dr Martin Harren (CEO Harren Group), Lars Rasmussen (COO Intermarine), Capt. Joachim Zeppenfeld (MD Intermarine Bulk Carriers) and Jan-Philipp Rauno (MD Intermarine Bulk Carriers).

Jan-Philipp Rauno stresses: “The new structures give us ideal access to the market. And Intermarine also benefits from the existing networks of our bulker colleagues. The combination of MPP and bulk tonnage opens up new cargo options, especially on Handysize vessels.”

Cooperation partner Laurens Govers, Director Chartering & Projects at the JSI Alliance (the commercial joint venture between Jumbo Shipping, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine), is thrilled about Intermarine’s positive development: “The fact that Intermarine is making such dynamic progress as part of the alliance is good for all partners. After all, the technologically complex vessels also need access to the MPP markets. Strong partners are the basis for a strong JSI Alliance.”

In addition to establishing Intermarine Bulk Carriers, Intermarine is pleased to announce two more new MPP entrants: MV Industrial Ursula and MV Industrial Katharina, two optimised second-hand F300 vessels. “Each ship is equipped with two very reliable 150 t NMF cranes and a very robust MAK main engine – two real workhorses that are in top condition and complement our fleet perfectly,” says Joachim Zeppenfeld. The final takeover of MV Industrial Ursula and MV Industrial Katharina will take place in summer 2024.

SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine are united in the SAL-Intermarine Group, which represents all Harren Group heavy lift and MPP activities. SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine are also members of the JSI Alliance. Together, Jumbo, SAL Heavy Lift and Intermarine control a joint fleet of 65 vessels.

CEO Dr Martin Harren explains Harren Group’s heavy lift and MPP strategy: “The bottom line is always the same: As the SAL-Intermarine Group, we always want to offer our customers the highest quality and the widest possible range of services. As such, our clients also benefit from SAL’s fleet expansion of five new Orca vessels and the expansion of MPP and bulk tonnage at Intermarine. Our vessels are consistently present in all relevant heavy lift and MPP markets around the globe, which is important for our international customers. The absolute fleet size isn’t really critical. After all, everything in life is relative. What matters most, however, is our ability to offer our customers maximum flexibility. Because flexibility is particularly noticeable when it’s not available.”
Source: Intermarine

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