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“JUST ONE CLICK” – Going digital – First to introduce a disruptive truly global marine travel booking and travel management E-commerce platform

Fly Hi, an Elektrans Group Company and a leading global marine travel provider, has gone digital and is now setting a new disruptive e-commerce travel solution standard within the global maritime industry.

Celebrating a successful 11 year service offering within the maritime travel service segment, this fast growing travel management company services a strong and fast growing global clientele. The company is licensed with IATA and accredited to ISO 9001:2015 QMS standard.

The company is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary new e-commerce platform “Just One Click (JOC)”.

‘Just One Click’ is a first to market launch and offers a real time digital e-commerce travel booking & travel management WEB application transpired from the journey of traditional marine travel management practise to e-TRAVEL ROBOTICS.

Supported by its strong 50+ IT engineering team, “JOC” has been developed over an extensive research & development effort over the last 3 years in close liaison with selected major relevant industry players within the global ship owning, ship management, travel management as crew management segment as an effort to ensure an easy-to-use state of the art e-commerce platform offering unique e-features and a strong value proposition to the global maritime cluster industry.

JOC is an e-alternative to the traditional marine travel booking and management practise and players.

Global travel agents face the growing challenge of relevance, maintaining standardisation, cost optimization and procurement & booking efficiency with clients across the globe. Taking marine travel e-commerce “JOC” nullifies human errors and abridges complex coordination on one unified
e-platform offering 50% more efficiency performance compared to traditional travel booking industry standard.

“JOC” is a one stop shop platform, not only acting as a global e-booking platform, but more so also an end-to-end real time travel management tool for its users, offering enhanced compliance, flexibility, savings and transparency gains on a client level.

The exclusive global e-procurement feature of JOC offers instant access & overview of fares across 70 countries irrespective of Client IP login restrictions saving substantial costs on travel procurement with just one click and no additional cost involved.

“JOC” automates real time, whole process of standardised internal approvals and audits planning for the client across their office globally. With this, JOC can handle and do live updates for any emergencies /sensitivities overriding approved travel policies of the client irrespective of the time zone and location.

Unlike the various crew tracking apps available in the market, the innovative JOC crew communicator app facilitates (real time) communication with the crew and enhances safety of the crew / employee by allowing sending and receiving real time messages irrespective of any location. The app tracks and communicates with the crew 24 hours prior their travel irrespective of any location on a unified platform.

“JOC”s dedicated round the clock travel expert help desk reduces the after office hour manpower cost upto 40% with no additional charges. Real time data analytics and client report generator helps Clients comprehend and plan their travel spend smart and efficiently.

Advanced features such of offering forex choice of currency through a “JOC” forex management system and advanced security technologies to prevent any cyber security threats are key differentiators of “JOC”.

Additionally automated travel advisor complimented with dedicated backend travel team available 24/7 on real time basis, compliance to visa regulations and real time airfare benchmarking for the next 30 days are some of the exclusive features that make JOC a unique world class product giving it an edge over the traditional flight travel booking providers.

Fly HI and “JOC” Director Mrs Varsha Chopra quoted, “We are excited to launch Just One Click, an innovative e-commerce & extremely user-friendly end to end solution for the travel and maritime industry. Service excellence remains key to us and we believe that Just One Click will help our clients achieve significant cost and time saving benefits on their flight travel management”.

She further added; “ I firmly believe, in the era of e-technology that we do not need multiple offices to effectively handle global crew or corporate travel logistics. Travel Companies having multiple offices means huge overheads. These overheads are covered in form of margins from clients to sustain globally. What client needs is transparency, compliance, truly global access of fares, crisis management, service quality and cost optimization. “JOC” delivers just that she concluded”

With back end and help desk team base in one location, “JOC” does not incur overheads to service clients globally.

Its versatile features offers two options i.e. human interface via online chats and calls handled by experts 24/7 real time ( traditional ) to handle any kind of crisis and user friendly online automation thereby keeping control in your hands.
Source: Fly-Hi Marine Travels

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