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Klaveness Digital expands partnership with South32

Klaveness Digital AS is pleased to share the expansion of its partnership with South32, reflecting the longstanding collaboration between the two companies. This effort seeks to enhance South32’s supply chain processes even further, providing improved visibility and efficiency.

Klaveness Digital and South32 have always enjoyed a robust partnership. South32, known for its forward-thinking approach, has consistently been a valuable contributor to the development of CargoValue. Their insights and feedback have been instrumental in shaping the platform to better address the diverse needs of our customers.

Simplifying the re-planning process and taking advantage of the “what changed” functionality in CargoValue
The recent expansion introduces a suite of new modules designed to streamline complex supply chain operations. The “blending” module offers a sophisticated solution for creating custom blends of raw materials, ensuring that each mixture meets precise specifications and production efficiencies. Meanwhile, the “line-up manager” module simplifies the orchestration of cargo logistics, enabling users to swiftly adjust schedules and optimize the flow of goods through ports. Furthermore, the advanced analytics dashboards now feature a “what changed” tool, which is pivotal for planners. This tool provides a dynamic comparison of different planning scenarios, allowing for quick identification of the most effective inventory strategies and facilitating a more agile response to changing supply chain demands.

A primary challenge the company faced was achieving comprehensive supply chain visibility, especially considering their production and its role in further processing at multiple locations. The objective was to seamlessly integrate their entire supply chain within CargoValue, reducing manual interventions and allowing more time for strategic decision-making.

Another challenge was the need for continuous re-planning in the cargo lifecycle. Due to the ever-changing conditions at the discharge ports and the importance of uninterrupted operations, the company’s planning team sought a tool that would simplify the re-planning process.

Key users’ express enthusiasm for expanded partnership
Planner for Alumina, Meredith Wan and Marketing Manager, Anudit Misra who have been using the solutions for several years are positive about the expansion of the partnership. Wan remarked, “The integrated view that the platform offers is truly beneficial. Previously, I had to juggle multiple spreadsheets. Now, everything is consolidated on one screen, which I find extremely useful.”

Misra added, “The new Supply Chain Planner makes me want to go back to being a planner.”

The strengthened partnership between Klaveness Digital and South32 signifies a shared vision for the future of supply chain management. As both companies continue to innovate and adapt to the evolving landscape, the integration of advanced tools such as CargoValue will continue to play a crucial role in navigating the challenges ahead.
Source: Klaveness Digital

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