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Korean Register releases SeaTrust-HullScan V3 software for ship design

Korean Register (KR) has released a new version of its popular structural assessment software, SeaTrust-HullScan V3, to dramatically improve its ability to handle large-capacity graphics and cope with ever more complex ship designs and regulations.

SeaTrust-HullScan V3 performs structural analysis for various types of vessels and marine structures by using FEM (finite element modeling). It has been widely used by leading shipbuilders and research institutes since its first release in 2014. South Korea’s major shipbuilders use SeaTrust-HullScan as a standard software for CSR (Common Structural Rules) applications.

When designing a vessel, structural analysis of the ship must be performed to evaluate its structural strength in advance. One of the popular techniques for structural analysis is FEM, which is used to determine the stress and displacement points by dividing a large structure into numerous finite-sized elements.

Along with the growing size of ships and an increasing number of requirements of related regulations in recent years, structural analysis of ships is required to deal with many more finite elements. KR made functional improvements in SeaTrust-HullScan to meet user needs following these changes in the ship design environment.

SeaTrust-HullScan V3 includes world-class level technology for large-capacity graphics that dramatically improves the response and processing speed of millions of finite elements in ship models. In addition, the software features various visualization functions, enhanced interface with CAD program for ship design and extended application to other types of structure. With new automatic updates also included in the new version, user convenience will also be enhanced.

KIM Daeheon, Executive Vice President of KR R&D Division, said, “This is a leap forward for our popular software. With vessel design requirements becoming increasingly complex, the need for structural assessment software capable of handling shipyard’s requirements is critical. KR is dedicated to meeting customer needs and further solidifying our role as a trusted provider of technical software.”
Source: Korean Register

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