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KPI OceanConnect launches ‘Women in Shipping’ initiative to drive awareness of inclusivity and sustainability

Leading global marine energy solutions provider KPI OceanConnect launches a ‘Women in Shipping’ initiative ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8 following an internal research program. KPI OceanConnect’s research has demonstrated that a diverse workforce in an inclusive organisation will enhance creativity, adaptability, and problem solving – qualities that can help to navigate the next market transformations in the shipping industry.

The initiative is based on diversity, equality and inclusion research that KPI OceanConnect conducted in Q1 2022; the aim being to raise awareness for the issue, and generate insights that can be deployed internally to influence policy and strategy in order to attract more women into the company, as well as enhance retention and job satisfaction.

The findings are further supported by research from organisations, such as the Bank for International Settlements, that shows how diversity within organisations can have a significant impact in combating climate change and decarbonisation, where women in managerial and leadership roles have the personality traits and skillsets to be more adept at solving these challenges.

While gender diversity in the shipping industry is improving, KPI OceanConnect recognises that there remains a lack of gender parity. This is especially acute at senior levels, which in turn can make it difficult for women to identify strong role models and career paths.

KPI OceanConnect’s ‘Women in Shipping’ initiative showcases some of its female colleagues and drives awareness of gender diversity and inclusivity.

To help remedy this gender imbalance, KPI OceanConnect is taking measures to enhance its employees’ wellbeing and encourage an enhanced work-life balance that will further advance inclusivity and diversity. This includes encouraging a healthier lifestyle; implementing flexible working methods; supporting employees with childcare, commuting assistance and financial planning; and the creation of a committee to ensure the company has a truly inclusive, supportive and innovative environment where its people thrive and grow. These measures mark the first steps of KPI OceanConnect’s journey to improving the gender imbalance and encouraging more people to embark on a career in the bunkering and wider shipping industry.

Søren Høll, CEO at KPI OceanConnect said: “As a global organisation in a male-dominated industry, we recognise that we have an important role to play increasing diversity across our offices. We are committed to raising awareness, inspiring change, and attracting more women to a career in shipping.

“By connecting our female workforce to empower change, we are also setting ourselves on a path towards enhanced sustainability and innovation. I am proud to be launching this ‘Women in Shipping’ initiative as we celebrate International Women’s Day, and look forward to seeing a marine fuels industry that’s more diverse and inclusive.”

Victoria Freeman, Chief Financial Officer at KPI OceanConnect said: “This innovative campaign to improve gender diversity is a great example of the KPI OceanConnect’s leadership within the sector. I am proud to work for a company that celebrates the work of women and is actively trying to create more role models for young women to follow. We look forward to seeing more women start their careers in shipping, and welcome anyone to joining us at KPI OceanConnect.”

To learn more, follow #KPIOCWomen on social media or visit: https://kpioceanconnect.com/womeninshipping/
Source: KPI OceanConnect

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