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LNG tankers heading to Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany

The following liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers are expected to arrive in Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany in the coming weeks. Estimated arrival dates, often revised by port authorities and AIS Live ship-tracking data on Refinitiv Eikon, are updated below. Some tankers heading for Belgium and Britain may be loading at the terminal. Those expected to load are indicated with an (L). Those likely to perform ship-to-ship transfers are indicated with (STS). Tankers that have docked are indicated with (A). Floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) terminals are added to the table when they near deployment. As of Dec. 27 2022, this includes the Eemshaven terminal in the Netherlands, the Wilhelmshaven, Brunsbuettel and Lubmin terminals in Germany.

For the Reuters LNG guide, click here: LNG TANKER CAPACITY in EXPECTED ARRIVAL FROM PORT cubic metres BRITAIN Alicante Knutsen 170,000 March 27 (A) United States Dragon Rasheeda 261,000 March 28 (A) Qatar South Hook Gaslog Windsor 176,000 March 29 (A) United States Isle of Grain Flex Artemis 173,000 March 30 United States South Hook LNG Abalamabie 172,000 March 31 United States Dragon Arctic Lady 145,000 April 1 Norway Isle of Grain Tenergy 179,000 April 2 United States Dragon Orion Sun April 3 United 171,000 States South Hook Al Dafna 262,000 April 7 Qatar Isle of Grain BELGIUM LNG Dubhe 174,000 March 30 (L) (A) Egypt Zeebrugge Boris Vilitsky 170,000 March 31 Russia Zeebrugge Asia Integrity 155,000 March 31 N/A Zeebrugge Clean Horizon 160,000 March 31 (L) N/A Zeebrugge Vladimir Vize 172,000 April 1 Russia Zeebrugge Yari April 1 N/A 156,000 (L) Zeebrugge Al Bahiya 206,000 April 2 Qatar Zeebrugge SK Audace 180,000 April 4 Nigeria Zeebrugge Al Huwaila 213,000 April 9 Qatar Zeebrugge NETHERLANDS Grace Freesia 171,000 March 29 (A) United States Gate LNG Endeavour 174,000 March 31 United States Gate Barcelona Knutsen 170,000 April 1 United States Eemshaven Global Star 170,000 April 2 United States Gate Attalos 174,000 April 3 United States Gate Hoegh Galleon 170,000 April 11 United States Eemshaven GERMANY BW Tulip 171,000 March 28 (A) United States Lubmin Isabella 170,000 March 29 (A) United States Wilhelmshaven Sources: Ports, AIS Live ship tracking, Refinitiv Eikon data. (^) Partial unload (*) Arrival date estimated based on flows data.
Source: Reuters (Reporting By Susanna Twidale)

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