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‘Manless’ port in Shanghai welcomes first female crane operators

Crane operation is a traditionally male-dominated industry, but it’s becoming a more appealing field to female employees thanks to the newly-developed automation systems that have changed the nature of the operation.

The automation miracle was put into use on Sunday in eastern China’s Shanghai Municipality. The port’s full name is the Yangshan Deepwater Port, Phase IV.

Watch the video to see a woman with only six months of experience easily beat a six-year veteran male operator thanks to the world’s most advanced automation tech.

Yangshan Phase IV is the “largest automated container terminal in the world,” according to a CCTV report.

“We hope the port is not only the largest for container volumes, but also the most advanced in technology,” said Yan Jun, president of Shanghai International Port Group.

Engineers tested the port for 18 months to ensure it will work as intended.

There are now 50 cranes operating at the port, and there will be 146 of them by 2020 – all running by themselves. The woman shown in the video, Shao Miaona, can monitor six cranes at once.

CCTV said the crane operator job is now more like a white-collar occupation than a blue one.

Another advantage the Yangshan Phase IV has over normal ports is its environmental friendliness. It is completely powered by electricity, so no harmful substance will be emitted into the air.
Source: ECNS

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