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Mersin International Port Breaks Ground For Emh II Expansion

Mersin International Port Management Inc. (MIP), Turkey’s largest trade gateway to the world, held a groundbreaking ceremony today to mark the beginning of the expansion works for EMH II.

The ceremony hosted by MIP General Manager Johan Van Daele and MIP Board Member Zafer Kurtul, was graced by T.C. Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su, T.C. Presidential Investment Office Public- Private Partnership Department Head Ali Kamil Özmen, T.C. Welfare Fund CEO Salim Arda Ermut and Mersin top protocol representatives.

The EMH II expansion project, representing an investment of USD 375 million, will increase the container handling capacity of the port from 2.6 million Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) to 3.6 million TEUs. With the installation of an additional mega- vessel berth and the enlargement of the yard, MIP is gearing up to handle the growing volumes in the region and meet the demand for the port to serve the increasing number of mega-vessels. The expansion plans also include the installation of 4 new quay cranes and 24 additional yard cranes. The EMH II project is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Through this investment, MIP will strengthen its position within the Eastern Mediterranean region and contribute towards the economic development of the port and region, as well as create additional employment opportunities.

MIP’s General Manager Johan Van Daele said, “It is crucial that MIP creates additional berth and yard capacity to prepare for expected future economic growth of the region. This will support the trade and business as well as continue our high quality of service to all stakeholders. The expansion project will secure the industrial potential of the Mersin region in the coming years, ensure higher efficiency and increase the strength and maturity of the logistics industry. MIP also takes responsibility in creating a sustainable and community-friendly environment by constructing a direct access from the highway to the port.”

David Yang, Regional CEO PSA Europe, Mediterranean and the Americas said, “The EMH II project is but the beginning of the next chapter to Mersin Port’s growth, positioning MIP in a strategic position to develop Port-centric supply chain solutions for beneficial cargo owners, increasing cargo connectivity and visibility through precision-scheduled intermodal connectivity and technology-enabled digital platforms, and sealing Mersin’s position as a main hub for the East Mediterranean Region.

“We will continue to invest in Infrastructure, Technology and People; and make a significant contribution to the city and the country’s economy through the ecosystem created by MIP.”

Stating that the expansion project will make a significant contribution to the city’s economy, Mersin Governor Ali İhsan Su said, “Such investments will seriously support both the employment of our city and industrial production. Because the wealth of our province in terms of both agricultural and industrial production will be able to be sent to the world faster at the end of the expansion investment through Mersin International Port.”

Evaluating the Mersin Port Expansion Project, Ali Kamil Özmen, Head of the Public- Private Partnership Department of the Presidency Investment Office of Turkish Republic said; “Our country is in an ideal position for international companies considering its production capacity, young, dynamic and qualified workforce, logistics infrastructure and other comparative advantages. Port investments, which are the cornerstone of the logistics sector, improve our logistics infrastructure and contribute to the comfortable transportation of investors operating in our country to many parts of the world. Mersin International Port (MIP) investment, which has a very important place in our logistics infrastructure, which has strengthened in recent years, adds value to the Eastern Mediterranean and its surroundings, especially our country. This expansion investment decision, which was taken by relying on the potential of our country despite the pandemic, is a project that we, as the Presidency Investment Office, closely follow up with all relevant ministries and provide facilitating solutions with the support of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. As the Investment Office, we have prioritized projects in the logistics sector, such as Mersin Port, that will play an important role in increasing our exports and achieving our 2023 goals, and we will continue to support them from now on.”

Stating that they aim to complete the Mersin International Port Expansion Project in 1.5 years, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu said, “With the expansion project; our Mersin Port will have a total dock of 880 meters in the south and will be made suitable to serve 2 mega ships of 400 meters at the same time. It’s capacity will increase from 2.6 million TEU to 3.6 million TEU.” Responding to the port related allegations on the public, Minister Karaismailoğlu, said: “This will very significantly contribute to both the region’s and country’s economy. During our work on our project, unfortunately, the claims and news that were not true and the sadness due to these news were also shared with the public. I would like to tell you about this subject that, first of all, our Mersin Port Expansion Project was planned within the limits determined in accordance with the “Operating Rights Agreement”. In other words, while expanding our port, Atatürk Park is located outside the boundaries of this area. As yesterday, our citizens of Mersin and our future children will continue to benefit from the comfort and facilities offered by Atatürk Park. In addition, we started the study-project work as the ministry in order to rehabilitate and develop the Çamlıbel Fishing Shelter, which is located at the other end of the Atatürk Park and currently has a very old structure. In order to improve maritime activities in Mersin, the water sports center and the shelter capacity will be renewed for the purpose of boat docking, and there will also be a recreation area with 800 meters walking path, pier and observation deck for the people of Mersin.” Minister Karaismailoğlu, who stated that Mersin Container Port studies and projects are continuing in order to carry the international freight transfer center of Mersin to a further point, said, “Our aim is to develop Mersin as every other city of our country, in order to increase its employment and to contribute to its development. Mersin International Port is both the largest port of our country and one of the leading ports of the Eastern Mediterranean, with the advantages provided by the convenience of multi-mode connection, transfer and hinterland connections with the Middle East and the Black Sea. It reinforces the logistics power of our country not only regionally but also globally”.

Mersin International Port Background
Mersin International Port Management INC. (MIP), which was established as a partnership between Akfen Holding and PSA International, took over T.C.D.D. Mersin Port Management for a period of 36 years on May 11, 2007. In 2017, Australia’s IFM Investors joined Mersin International Port’s other shareholding parties.

Mersin International Port (MIP) is connected via railways and highways with Turkey’s industrialized cities such as Ankara, Gaziantep, Kayseri, Kahramanmaraş and Konya, and with bordering countries such as Syria, Iraq and CIS countries. It is one of the main container ports in the Mediterranean Region with its transit and hinterland connections with the Middle East and the Black Sea. Mersin International Port (MIP) accounts for a significant portion of Turkey’s import and export volumes, with its vast hinterland, accessible transportation opportunities and accomplished personnel. Based on the total amount of cargo handled annually and the site at its disposal, MIP is Turkey’s largest port.

The EMH I Project which was completed in 2016, enabled MIP to serve mega-vessels. EMH I increased MIP’s capacity by 800,000 TEUs to 2.6 million TEUs.

In 2020, despite the impact of the Covid pandemic on the global economy, MIP has handled 2 MTEUs, a 3 percent increase compared to 2019.
Source: PSA International

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