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New Research Proves the Sustainability of EcoClipper

Dutch sailing cargo company EcoClipper has released a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), which examines their proposed vessel’s impact in the transport industry. The study was carried out by EcoClipper’s specialists and environmental scientist Andrew Simons (Co-founder of 3SP and Sailink) and shows that the environmental and human health impact of the EcoClipper500 is significantly lower than conventional shipping methods.

“By commissioning an LCA at such an early stage, the EcoClipper project has not only acknowledged the environmental consequences of human actions, but enabled life cycle considerations to be factored into the design process whilst supporting investors and eventually customers in their decisions to participate. This makes for very progressive business sense.” -Andrew Simons

The LCA proves that the expected carbon emissions from the EcoClipper500, along with its construction, maintenance methods, and life cycle, represent a very appealing alternative for transporting goods as well as for traveling via sailing ship. For instance, an EcoClipper vessel will produce 80% less emissions than a container ship over its lifetime (when both are carrying the same cargo tonnage). This is predominantly due to the use of renewable energy on an EcoClipper ship, rather than Heavy Fuel Oil. The study also describes how the chosen design of the vessel along with its operation management will contribute to an environmentally friendly, low emission life cycle.

The report comes at a time when pressure mounts on the shipping and travel industries to make stronger efforts towards decarbonization. Alternative propulsion methods are now being tested including wind-assist and eco-fuels, but lobby groups argue not enough is being done. With this research EcoClipper proved that the most sustainable way to transport cargo and passengers is using a traditional design of vessels, the Clipper ship, with square-rig sails. This new report indicates a ship like this could be a solution to the transport industry’s problems. EcoClipper company is currently examining the financial market to build the first ship.

“As a sustainable company striving to revolutionize shipping into a sustainable industry, it is very important for EcoClipper to have information on environmental emissions and impacts of its first vessel: the EcoClipper500. This way, EcoClipper specialists can find a way of reducing them as much as possible while still accomplishing our purposes.” – Jorne Langelaan, founder and CEO of EcoClipper.

EcoClipper was founded in 2018 by Jorne Langelaan, sail cargo expert and co-founder of shipping company Fairtransport. EcoClipper is developing a fleet of innovative sailing ships offering emission-free transport and travel worldwide. EcoClipper ships will sail on four shipping lines with fixed schedules, thereby creating a new shipping logistics system for sail cargo vessels.
Source: EcoClipper

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