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NK Certification: Getzner minimises vibrations on ships

The Austrian vibration isolation expert Getzner Werkstoffe received the internationally recognised NK type approval certification for the innovative, fire-retardant Sylomer Marine product line.

Bürs (AT), Tokyo (JP). Efficient vibration protection on ships: The fire-retardant elastomer Sylomer Marine FR was recently awarded with the NK Certification by the internationally recognised Japanese ship certification agency ClassNK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. The innovative material is used in floating floors, decoupling passenger and crew cabins, wheelhouses and engine rooms and maximising the comfort level for the ship crew and passengers.

To enhance their safety, as well as accommodation and working conditions, ships and vessels with a total length of more than 100 metres are required to use fire retardant materials in their anti-vibration solutions. The NK Certification, issued by the Japanese agency ClassNK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, is the most important quality and safety certification in the Asian markets. It approves the specifications of the certified product for its standard-compliant usage onboard ships. Sylomer Marine FR, developed and produced in-house by Getzner Werkstoffe in Austria, was recently awarded the Certificate of Approval for “Primary Deck Covering” by ClassNK.

Getzner’s Sylomer Marine FR was awarded with the NK type approval certification.

Floating Floors

The elastic polyurethane Sylomer Marine FR can be used on ships in floating floor applications. Different material types for various payloads are available. “The solution is ideal for service vessels or cargo ships but has also been successfully applied in floors on yachts. With Sylomer® we can elastically decouple cabins, wheelhouses or machine rooms and efficiently reduce the transmission of structure borne noise,” explains Thomas Gamsjäger, Senior Vice President Industry Division at Getzner Werkstoffe. “Floating floors increase the comfort levels on board substantially. But not only that: The service life in these areas is optimised, and the damage to the infrastructure minimised.”

Floating floors with Sylomer Marine FR increase the comfort levels on board substantially.

Big potential in Southeast Asia

“In recent years, some Southeast Asian countries have positioned themselves as new production hubs in the shipbuilding industry – from Singapore and Vietnam to the Philippines and Malaysia. Singapore is especially important when it comes to customised and specialised vessels. Because of the material properties of Sylomer Marine, we see a big potential for our solutions in these Southeast Asian markets,” states Thomas Dorfner, Regional Sales Director Asia South Pacific at Getzner Werkstoffe.

The NK certified material Sylomer Marine FR is easy to install, maintenance free, resilient and durable.

Maintenance-free and durable

Sylomer Marine FR is a polyurethane product that convinces not only with its fire protection characteristics, but also with a high degree of vibration suppression in fire-prone areas. The product is resilient and maintenance-free. Compared to other materials, Sylomer Marine has a very low static to dynamic stiffness ratio and is, therefore, much more acoustically effective. Moreover, the vibration protection solution is resistant to water, salt water, oils and greases, and free from plasticisers as well as environmentally harmful substances. “Sylomer impresses with its low weight and ease of handling and installation,” concludes Thomas Gamsjäger.
Source: Getzner Werkstoffe

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