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NSSLGlobal introduces its new VSAT IP@SEA on demand “Customised Connectivity” packages

NSSLGlobal, the global satcom provider launches two new services that will provide its VSAT IP@SEA customers with the ability at a ‘click of a button’ to tailor their bandwidth to accommodate short term traffic demands.

NSSLGlobal’s VSAT IP@SEA customers can now benefit from its new ‘Customised Connectivity’ packages which provide two great ways to meet the needs of users’ data demands. Customers can choose between a Short Term Package Upgrade service that will allow authorised users on board the vessel or HQ to seamlessly upgrade their package speed for a day, week or month. Secondly, the On-Demand Bandwidth Streaming service allows operators to book dedicated bandwidth by the hour. With its range of customisable packages that can reach speeds of up to 150Mbps, these services will give customers even more control and independence over their service and bandwidth.

With the introduction of its “one click” Short Term Package Upgrade service, NSSLGlobal will provide maritime customers with an enhanced level of flexibility. Customers are able to choose as and when they need additional bandwidth, which they can easily pre-book themselves or immediately upgrade with the click of a button through the NSSLGlobal’s INSIGHT customer portal.

The ”one click” On-Demand Bandwidth Streaming service will enable users to access a dedicated symmetrical streaming channel (with options from 256kbits to 1Mb over and above their base airtime package). With minimum increments of one hour, the service is ideal for operators who want to guarantee the performance of time critical applications on an ad hoc basis where dedicated capacity is essential, such as for video conferencing or remote support without affecting the vessel’s usual bandwidth communications. Authorised users of the INSIGHT portal can provision this extra bandwidth as and when needed, reverting to their base bandwidth when they’re finished using the upgrade.

Sally-Anne Ray, NSSLGlobal Group CEO, comments “Being responsive to our customers’ needs is at the heart of our business. As we are the manufacturer, owner and global operator of our SatLink VSAT network with the latest S2X technology, it allows us to develop flexible services to specifically meet our customer’s needs. With an automated and easy-to-use system, users will have instant access to the level of service they need, when they need it. I’m delighted that our customers will benefit from the ensuing operational and budgetary efficiencies.”
Source: NSSL Global

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