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Open machine learning and AI data can increase ship energy efficiency

The Swedish ship operator Ventrafiken and the research project “Data-driven energy efficiency for ships” (D2E2F) have established a collaboration to collect open data for research purposes. One of the double ended ferries (Uraniborg) have been equipped with a Blueflow Energy Management System to collect data on energy consumers and vessel data. The data can then be openly used by researchers to test enhanced systems for energy optimization on ships, all from simple machine learning approaches to advanced AI algorithms.

Linus Olsson (CEO Ventrafiken): The climate change requires a collaboration over company borders to share common knowledge. We are happy to support the research community to find suitable ways of reducing environmental impact by means of digitalization. Peter Knudsen (CEO Blueflow Energy): Our system is built in order to support the crews and operators in their daily decision making to reduce energy consumptions. We at Blueflow are curious to see, what further potential our data has to increase energy efficiency further.

Johannes Hüffmeier (Research Lead, RISE): Assessing data and creating benchmark possibilities will allow the research community to apply and test new AI and ML tools in order to minimize climate impact.

Blueflow ECO System

Rederi AB Ventrafiken operates ferry services between Landskrona and Ven, the only shipping company with year-round traffic. The shipping company has two car ferries – M/S Uraniborg and M/S Stjerneborg. We offer you regular services between Landskrona and Ven, but you also have the opportunity to rent one of our vessels. M/S Stjerneborg is at your service for almost any type of transport to and from Ven.

The aim of the project is to collect and analyze operational data from smaller vessels such as ferries, pilot boats, SAR boats, tugs and archipelago boats moving along the Swedish coast and identify energy saving potential of at least 10-35%. The result will be the basis for developing generic decision support at a later stage tools that provide opportunities for energy efficiency for vessels, primarily in the coastal area of operation and which can be used on other vessels that are not part of this study. The project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

Blueflow Online™ provides a versatile tool when following up your ships’ energy consumption. Centralized internet servers continuously monitor every ship and records information about fuel consumption, position, speed and much more. Powerful statistic functions are used to generate reports and provides the user with full control of the fleet situation. Blueflow continuously develops new functionality after our customers’ requests.
Source: Ventrafiken. Blueflow Energy, RISE

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