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Opsealog and Jackson Offshore Renew Contract for Fleet Digitalization

Opsealog, a provider of data integration and analysis services for the maritime and offshore industry, announced today the extension of its partnership contract with Jackson Offshore Operators (JOO), a shipowner operating in the offshore sector in the Gulf of Mexico. The renewed contract reaffirms the collaboration between the two entities, which involves the ongoing development and implementation of data-driven efficiency initiatives.

This marks a new step in the partnership between Opsealog and JOO, which began in August 2020 with a pilot project onboard three vessels for a six-month period. Subsequently, the agreement was expanded, with JOO entrusting Opsealog to digitalize their entire fleet consisting of six platform supply vessels (PSVs) since 2021.

JOO’s primary focus throughout the collaboration has been fleet digitalization, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and meeting the demands of charterers such as Shell, BP, and Chevron. These digitalization efforts have yielded significant benefits, including improved accountability to charterers resulting from additional data-driven insights on key performance indicators (KPIs). The process has also seen the elimination of manual daily reports, the implementation of centralized data management, and the ability to precisely monitor vessel fuel consumption and emissions per activity and location.

Opsealog’s digital solutions, including the reporting software deployed onboard the PSVs, Streamlog, in combination with Marinsights – a performance management application – have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing JOO’s operations. By replacing manual reporting processes with streamlined digital systems, Opsealog has enabled JOO to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy, efficiency, and data visibility. In addition, the provision of water state reports has assisted JOO in compliance with US regulations.

Jackson Offshore

“We are delighted to extend our partnership with Jackson Offshore Operators,” said Hugo Prigent, Account Manager at Opsealog. “Over the past four years, our collaboration has demonstrated the transformative power of digitalization in the maritime industry, and we look forward to continuing to support JOO in their digital journey.”

‘’Matthew Rigdon, Chief Operating Officer of Jackson Offshore, said “Our successful collaboration with Opsealog has well-positioned us among our peers in the offshore sector’s digitalization journey. With improved visibility, centralized data, and optimized service delivery, we have achieved greater efficiency across multiple areas of our operations”
Source: Opsealog

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