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“Panama – Greece 1821-2021: 200 years of common independence”

H.E. Julie Lymberopulos assumed her duties as Ambassador and General Consul of Panama in Greece On December 2019 and she is also concurrent Ambassador of Panama in Cyprus and Serbia with residence in Athens. H.E. Julie Lymberopulos was born in Panama City, Panama from both Greek parents. Her special bond with Greece in undoubtable and she proves that by all strategic actions within her diplomatic mission.

November for Panama is characterized as the “Month of the Nation” (Mes de la Patria).

On November 3rd, Panama celebrates its liberation from Colombia in 1903, while on November 28th, its independence from Spain, which took place earlier, in 1821, is celebrated.

In the anniversary year of 2021 both Panama and Greece commemorate their 200 years of liberation from Spain and the Ottoman Empire, respectively. This is an exceptional coincidence that goes beyond the levels of mere chance and creates substantial ties between these friendly states.

The Embassy and the General Consulate of Panama in Greece, within the initiative of the Ambassador and General Consul of Panama in Greece, H.E. Mrs. Julie Lymberopulos organized an Art Exhibition in November 2021, dedicated to the 200 years of Panama’s independence, with works by one Panamanian and nine renowned Greek artists who created their works in honor of Panama through their own eyes and conception.

The concept of the exhibition, the 200 common years of liberation of the two states, emerges not only from the joint group exhibition of works of art by the Panamanian and the Greek artists in honor of Panama, but also through the title itself.

Taking advantage of the title of the Poem of Dionysios Solomos “Hymn to Freedom”, which has been the national anthem of Greece since 1823 and combining the Spanish language that refers to our beloved Panama, this symbolic composition was created with the title:
“Elogiando la libertad” – “Hymning Freedom”

«Panama – Greece 1821-2021: 200 years of common independence»

Essentially, our art exhibition is an anniversary of remembrance, tribute and pride for all those who gave their lives to ensure the independence of their country. To those who played a leading role in great national battles, so that the supreme goods of national independence, peace and prosperity exist today. We extend great respect to all those who did not hesitate in order to defend the ideals and values of their nation throughout Panama and Greece.

In this effort, the artists have undoubtedly the leading part by honoring both Panama and the Embassy of Panama in Greece by accepting our proposal and actively participating in the implementation of this creative action.

More specifically, the exhibition consists of works by the Panamanian artist, Olga Sinclair and the Greek artists: Io Angeli, George Avgeros, Apostol, Chrysa Vergi, Anna Gerolymatou, Irene Kana, Christos Kechagioglou, Vangelis Rinas, Manolis Charos.
The synergy and close cooperation of the Embassy and the General Consulate of Panama in Greece with the Municipality of Piraeus is an important sealing of the twinning agreement signed in July 2021 between the City of Piraeus and the City of Panama.

The Municipal Gallery of Piraeus houses this valuable effort and gives a voice to the works of artists for this sacred anniversary purpose.
At the same time, SQLearn undertook the creation of the digitized virtual version of the exhibition, which allows this great endeavour to travel around the world, overcoming any obstacle or limitation imposed by the physical version, especially in the times of pandemic.
We are very proud that this group exhibition proves dynamically and symbolically that through art and culture our two esteemed peoples come even closer, communicate, and interact essentially.
Source: Embassy and General Consulate of Panama in Greece

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