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Park-Line Aqua supplies shore-based power system inland ports

Park-Line Aqua supplies the uniform shore-based power system for inland shipping and river cruises for the Port of Rotterdam Authority, North Sea Ports, Drechtsteden, the Antwerp Port Authority, and the Flemish Water Authority. The Amsterdam company has won the European tender put out by the Port of Rotterdam Authority on behalf of these ‘shore-based power parties’.

A uniform shore-based power system is conducive to user-friendliness and stimulates the use of shore-based power, a facility for supplying ships in port with power. This power allows skippers to make optimum use of their on-board facilities (via a generator or main engine) without any emissions.

The tender is in conformity with the policy of the shore-based power parties to develop the port areas in the Netherlands and Belgium in a balanced way. This means that investments are made not only in the economy but also in improving liveability and the environment. Sustainability is the key word. Government and business together try to ensure that transport by water and railway exceeds transport by road. The reduction of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and particulates is also high on the agenda.

Source: Port of Rotterdam

Drinking water

The joint objectives have led to a joint approach in facilitating the supply of shore-based power as simply and reliably as possible, primarily with respect to the supply and invoicing of electricity via shore-based power cabinets and services in the event of malfunctions on board vessels. Supply of drinking water to the vessels is also realised via this system. The shore-based power parties have made it possible for other ports to get connected to the system, and in fact some have seized the opportunity to do so.

Park-Line Aqua

Park-Line Aqua (formerly part of the Parkmobile Group) is a user, service and payment platform for the maritime and logistic sector. The services are focused on digitisation and sustainability improvement so as to create a uniform platform (market-place) with only a single all-inclusive invoice per month. The services are currently operational in more than 50 ports/municipalities in the Netherlands and Belgium and range from shore-based power to collecting port dues.
Source: Port of Rotterdam

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