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Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships

With the agreement of the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) we attach the IMB Piracy Report for the period of January-September 2023 which highlights concerns in regard to the rise of reported incidents in the Gulf of Guinea, Singapore Straits and at the Callao anchorage, Peru.

The reports from Gulf of Guinea include armed robberies, piracy, kidnapping/hostage and violence towards crew members.

The incidents in Singapore Straits involve boarding, theft, hostage taking and violence towards crew members.

The number of incidents at the Callao anchorage have increased quite significantly from the same period of 2022, with the perpetrators often armed with knives. The incidents have included hostage taking and threats to the crew.

The Club would draw attention to this report and urge members to undertake a robust risk assessment and implement appropriate precautionary measures including, the consideration of passage planning to maximise daylight transit through the hot spots, the posting of increased lookouts, securing of all potential points of access into the accommodation, engine room and other vulnerable spaces and implementing robust vessel hardening measures to deter such incidents.

In addition, Members are reminded of the guidance provided in the latest edition of The Best Management Practice Guidelines (BMP), the Club DVD Piracy – Menace of the Seas and of other useful resources available on our Piracy page (steamshipmutual.com)
Source: SteamShip Mutual P&I Club

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