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Piraeus Maritime Hackathon: Unlock The Business Value of Digital Ship

“Put together the creativity, agility and resourcefulness of tech entrepreneurs with the technology, insights and skills of SetelHellas & Bluegrowth experts to create the best solutions.

For us, being the protagonist for a changing world means anticipating changes and transforming them into opportunities. We know that amazing things come up when you work in a team, that’s why we want to team up with today’s brightest minds. ”

Do you like to invent and create new things in a team?

Then you are welcome to join this full day event on the 19 of October 2017, create and pitch your idea. Did you always like to turn certain challenges into reality and to work together in a team? Then this event is amazing opportunity for you. You’ll join a lot of other nerds/geeks/super hero’s/ designers/developers etc. to turn a certain “challenge” into an amazing prototype that you can pitch at the end of the hackathon.

The theme of the hackathon will be ” Unlock The Business Value of Digital Ship” which is based on a SetelHellas’ SmartBox-V ™ NID (Network Intelligence Device).
We will stay up all day designing, developing, learning and having some fun! We’ll supply the internet, software APIs, food, soft drinks and fun diversions. You bring your laptop, appetite, skills and ideas.

There will be sponsors and mentors from many organizations available to make this day an amazing success for you. At the end of the hackathon you’ll have to pitch your idea with your team and a jury of maritime and tech professionals will judge your prototype. You can win several great prizes and meet a lot of new people! In short, just an amazing experience that you can be proud of!

What about Teams?

Teams consist out of 5 or less people. You can also join alone but this could be pretty boring, so we advise you to search for a team 🙂

This sounds awesome, where can I register?

At the bottom of the page there is a big fat “Register” button. You can click that if you want to participate 🙂

My email is required?

Yup! To keep you updated we need an email, no worries we will not spam you. If it’s a great success we may want to see you next year.

How much does it cost?

Thanks to our sponsors it’s absolutely free to participate.

Outline Programme – 19th of October

09.00 – 11.00

  • Match-make – With whom will you work? Individuals will be matched to appropriate teams
  • Ideate – What will you work on? Ideas and challenges will be presented and exchanged
  • Create – Teams will deliver a first pitch of their solution

11.00 – 16.00

  • Create – Teams will deliver a second version of their solution
  • Validate – Assumptions will be validated with external users
  • Iterate – Refine and revise solutions

16.30 – 18.00

  • Iterate – Further refine and revise solutions based on validation and coaching feedback

18:30 – 20:30 Piraeus City Council

  • Pitch – Teams will present their solution in a short pitch presentation
  • Close – Keynote Speaker: From a good idea to a success story
  • Prize-giving followed by evening networking event

Source: Setel Hellas

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