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Port of San Diego Approves Pilot With FREDsense Technologies to Develop Rapid Stormwater Monitoring Device

The Port of San Diego has approved a pilot project with FREDsense Technologies Corp. to develop a portable five-in-one field-testing sensor device to provide real-time metals analysis for stormwater monitoring.

FREDsense will utilize their pre-existing titration platform optimized for the environmental remediation industry to produce an automated testing system for stormwater analysis, which will test the levels of various metals in San Diego Bay including aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and nickel, all of which are currently manually monitored under the Port’s stormwater programs.

“Having this technology and being able to easily and quickly access information related to stormwater will not only benefit our Port, but this project has the potential for adoption by ports and terminals nationwide, or even globally,” said Commissioner Rafael Castellanos, Port of San Diego Board of Port Commissioners and Chair of the Port Environmental Committee. “The Port works to improve and protect the bay’s water quality, a treasured resource for wildlife, residents, visitors and local businesses, and this project aligns well with our mission to protect the bay’s resources.”

The project’s approach will help stormwater programs by providing real-time data in the field, enabling adjustments to Best Management Practices (BMPs) quicker than with laboratory data that can take several weeks for results.

Manual stormwater monitoring methods on the market right now can be complex, timely, and expensive. The goal of the pilot project is for FREDsense to be simple to utilize, automated, and provide rapid results within minutes. It is also expected to result in a cost savings for the Port.

“Partners like the Port of San Diego provide the leadership and innovation to change the status quo. We look forward to working closely with the Port to demonstrate the system and generate value with our uniquely disruptive water quality systems,” said David Lloyd, CEO of FREDsense Technologies.

During the two-year pilot project, FREDsense will create the first prototype and test the device to monitor stormwater. Results from the pilot project will allow for case study development in preparation for full commercialization and regulatory approvals.

FREDsense builds field-enabled technologies for rapid detection of chemical compounds within the utility, mining and environmental services industry. The company has developed technology for process control and stormwater samples analysis that use a specialized liquid handling system for regulatory approved chemical methods. The process allows for controlled chemistries and stormwater chemistries to be measured rapidly and accurately. The company has validated the technology through pilot projects for various applications within the mining remediation and water industries.

The Port supports various pilot projects, like FREDsense, through its Blue Economy incubator that complement several environmental initiatives and often support regulatory requirements and programs already underway at the Port. For more information about the Blue Economy Incubator visit portofsandiego.org/waterfront-development/blue-economy.
Source: Port of San Diego