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Port of Valencia: April traffics show an upturn in the export sector

Valenciaport’s terminals have confirmed in April that the Spanish export sector is in a reactivation phase. After a period of stagnation and declines, the Valencian terminals are returning to positive signs and increases in cargo traffic (full containers) leaving Valenciaport for other countries around the world. Specifically, according to Valenciaport’s Statistical Bulletin for April, full TEU (6.1 metre long containers) traffic increased by +10.94% that month. However, April’s growth has not yet managed to change the cumulative record of the first four months of the year: -1.81%.

In general, an analysis of the figures in the Bulletin shows growth in several types of cargo: solid bulk (+51.69%) and vehicles (+17.80%) and also in transhipment (+13.93%) – derived from the change in shipping lines’ routes due to the Red Sea crisis.

By sectors, the Bulletin shows stability in construction materials (-1.78%); while vehicles and transport elements grow (+6.69%); iron and steel (7.98%); non-metallic minerals (46.99%), fertilisers (+15.37%), chemical products (+9.01%) and agri-foodstuffs (+6.58%); and energy (-40.65%).

The Valenciaport Statistical Bulletin shows that ro-ro traffic (maritime ro-ro services, lorries, platforms…) increased in the first four months of the year by +6.40% while UTIs (Intermodal Transport Units) increased by +10.66%.

Overall, during the month of April, almost 7 million tonnes (+8.84%) passed through the docks of Valenciaport. In terms of containers, 461,246 TEUs were handled (+13.51%). However, an overall view shows that over the last 12 months, traffic in tonnes has stabilised at +2.14 and TEUs at +2.88%.

So far this year (first four-month period), 26.1 million tonnes have been registered (+6.30). Traffic managed in TEUs stands at 1,705,090 units (+12.46%). For their part, passengers entering and leaving the Port of Valencia in the first four months of the year totalled 342,571, broken down into 130,426 cruise passengers and 212,145 ferry passengers.

China consolidates its position as the main trading partner for yet another month

Valenciaport’s traffic with the Far East continues to rise. The number of TEUs handled during the first four months of the year reached 276,482 (+27.33%). For its part, China continues to be Valenciaport’s main trading partner with the management of 203,471 containers (+25.68%); although the countries that have grown most in their TEU traffic with Valenciaport have been Greece (+105.33%), Egypt (+77.55%) and Saudi Arabia (+58.64%), due to the increase in transhipment traffic at the Valencian docks, mainly originating in Asia and destined for other Mediterranean ports. Other countries that have increased their traffic with the Valencian docks are Ukraine and Algeria, with increases in their traffic (tonnes) of +131.99% and +41.24% respectively.
Source: Valenciaport

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