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Port State Control (PSC) Concentrated Inspection Campaigns (CICs) for 2021

Every year the Paris and the Tokyo MoUs jointly conduct a CIC on a specific aspect on the safety of shipping. In response to incidents related to incorrect loading conditions or missing intact stability documentation, the 2020 CIC would have focused on ‘Stability (in general)’; however, due to COVID-19 it was postponed.

This year, it has been confirmed that the CIC on ‘Stability (in general)’ will be carried out by the Paris and Tokyo MoUs from 1 September 2021 to 30 November 2021. The Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoUs will also participate in this campaign, whereas the Caribbean MoU, US Coast Guard and AMSA will have their own inspection campaigns.

Paris, Tokyo, Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Riyadh and Vina del Mar MoUs – CIC on ‘Stability (in general)’

The objective and scope of this CIC is to ensure that stability systems onboard are installed, available and approved. Additionally, the stability calculations for each voyage are carried out and documented adequately. As such, it is expected that the PSC inspector(s) will evaluate whether the Master and responsible officers are trained and familiarised with the loading systems provided on board, the use of stability booklet, loading computer/software and documentation.

In 2010, Paris MoU conducted a similar CIC, where the main focus was on IMO stability requirements for tankers.

It is expected that the key items to be checked would be:

  • Documentation (stability booklet, loading manuals, etc.)
  • Stability calculations (loading computer/software, loading documents)
  • Responsible officers’ familiarization with the above
  • Organization ability to respond to emergencies which require stability calculations (grounding/flooding/cargo list etc)
  • The PSC inspectors will follow a CIC questionnaire, which is yet to be published.

Caribbean MoU CIC

The Caribbean MoU will conduct a CIC on Ballast Water Management, details of which areyet to be announced.

In the meantime, the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) has announced that a CIC on Pilot Transfer Arrangements will take place onboard all Bahamian ships from 1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021. Please refer to BMA Technical Alert 21-09 for further details.

US Coast Guard CIC

The USCG is currently running a CIC limited to US-flagged vessels. Following the tragic incident of MV EL FARO in 2015, the USCG carries out inspections on the ISM Code seeking evidence of the implementation of emergency procedures and cyber risks. The CIC is based on the USCG guidance, which can be found in the Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB-16-20), and Commercial Vessel Compliance Work Instructions CVC-WI-003(3), CVC-WI-004(2) and CVC-WI-027(2). Members are also recommended to refer to the club’s previous news item.

AMSA Focused Inspection Campaign (FIC)

AMSA is currently running a FIC on livestock carriers till 31 August 2021. Details of which were previously shared in club’s news item.

Additionally, AMSA has recently announced that from 1 August 2021 to 30 September 2021. The objective of this FIC is to determine the level of compliance with the safety of navigation requirements of International Conventions, and to check familiarity of the master and officers with their processes for ensuring safety of navigation.

AMSA inspectors will undertake the FIC in conjunction with a normal port or flag State control inspection. Inspectors will be using a standard checklist which list areas to be covered during the FIC.

Members are recommended to ensure that their masters and officers are well aware of the requirements of SOLAS Chapter V, Australian Marine Order 27 and their safety management systems (SMS) implemented onboard.
Source: The Standard Club

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