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Procureship partners with Oriani to further strengthen digitalisation efforts of Greek shipping companies

Procureship, provider of one of the world’s leading e-procurement platforms for marine buyers and suppliers, has partnered with fellow Greek company Oriani to further expand the digitialisation efforts of Greek shipping companies.

Oriani advises shipping companies that are looking to enhance their businesses through digitalisation. It works with shipping companies primarily in Greece to connect them with relevant maritime digital transformation partners.

The partnership between Procureship and Oriani brings together two of the largest digital transformation players in the Greek shipping market to streamline the procurement process, improve decision making and offer significant cost savings for Greek ship owners.

“Procurement departments need the right tools. There is so much data and so little time to analyse the market and trends and see if shipping companies are spending their money in the best way and using the most efficient processes to inform their decisions. Procureship offers a digitally advanced platform that uses machine learning (ML) to eliminate hours of manual work, seamlessly connecting marine buyers , suppliers and service providers in a cost-effective and timely manner,” said Grigoris Lamprou, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Procureship.

(L-R) Nikolaos Diamantopoulos, Sales Manager, Oriani; Aris Manassakis, Co-founder and
COO, Procureship; George Karistinos, Sales Development Director, Oriani; Angeliki Papathanasiou, Head of Operations, Procureship; Philip Uhrskov Nielsen, Co-founder, Oriani; Grigoris Lamprou, Co-founder and CEO, Procureship.

“By partnering with Oriani, we can offer our platform to more shipping companies in Greece and be a part of their digitalisation journeys by improving their procurement departments and making things faster and more secure.”

Digitalisation efforts are becoming a priority amongst Greek shipping companies as they look to reduce the administrative burden on vessels and improve their overall competitiveness and sustainability offerings.

“The Greek shipping community has long been a driver of change for the global maritime industry. We see a real appetite for embracing new and emerging digital solutions that streamline the administrative tasks that are so crucial to keeping ships running on time and within budget. Procureship offers the most advanced e-procurement service in the market in terms of functionality, speed and support. Crucially the platform is nimble enough to adapt to varying company sizes and needs, while also being large enough to offer a wide range of suppliers and value to the procurement market,” said John Vandoros, Business Development Director, Oriani.

Procureship’s e-procurement platform has been built with digitalisation at its core. The company has recently added new features to the platform including IHM maintenance documentation compliance, advanced e-invoicing processing , service providers recommendation algorithm and detailed freight forwarding optimisation, all of which utilise machine learning (ML) to improve the operational efficiency of the entire procurement process.
Source: Procureship

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