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Protection Vessels International: Weekly Maritime Security Report

Congo: Robbers board merchant vessel at Pointe Noire Anchorage

04 September

A merchant vessel was boarded at 0140 hrs local time while anchored at Pointe Noire Anchorage. The security team onboard the vessel reportedly spotted an unspecified number of unauthorised persons onboard the vessel. The crew proceeded to raise the alarm, and a search was performed but the intruders could not be located. Vessel and crew were reported safe.

PGI Analysis: Non-violent robberies are sporadically reported at Pointe Noire Anchorage and assailants are usually easily deterred by basic security procedures such as raising the alarm. Robbers are occasionally armed. However, they are rarely willing to confront crew and will often flee once the alarm has been raised.

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Congo, DRC: At least 34 feared dead after boat sinks in Congo River

15 September

At least 34 people are feared drowned after a boat sank in the Congo River. Police said 76 passengers were rescued from the whaleboat, which was travelling to the capital Kinshasa from Mai Ndombe province, north of the city. The cause of the accident was unclear. Accidents on the waterways are common in the Democratic Republic of Congo, often caused by overloading and unsafe vessels.

Greece: Authorities seize over 500 kg of cocaine at Piraeus port

14 September

Authorities seized over 500 kg of cocaine concealed in several containers of bananas at Piraeus port. The shipment reportedly came from Ecuador. Police arrested four individuals following the seizure, local media reported.

India: Boat collision with Chinese army leaves soldiers injured in Kashmir

11 September

Chinese and Indian army boats collided on a lake in the Ladakh region of Kashmir claimed by both countries, injuring an unspecified number of Indian soldiers. However, army delegations from the two sides reportedly met after the incident and settled the incident and withdrew the troops. Occasional skirmishes between the two countries occur because of different perceptions of the disputed border.

India: Tourist boat capsizes, kills 12 in Andhra Pradesh

16 September

A boat carrying 60 local tourists capsized in the Godavari river in Andhra Pradesh state, killing 12 people and leaving 20 others missing. The boat capsized after colliding with a rock near Devipatnam village. Rescue efforts are ongoing, and authorities have evacuated 26 people safely at the time of writing. The boat was operating without a license, according to the police. Andhra Pradesh has no regulatory authority to control water transport.

Iran: Tehran confirms oil sold at sea

11 September

The Iranian envoy to the UK confirmed that oil from the Adrian Darya 1 tanker had been sold at sea, but denied that the sale had breached assurances given to London and Gibraltar over the vessel’s release from custody. The envoy stated that the oil had been sold to a private company, and not the Syrian state. Gibraltar released the vessel on 15 August after Tehran assured its cargo would not be sold to the Syrian state.

Kuwait: Authorities seize two million contraband cigarette cartons at Shuwaikh port

15 September

Customs officials seized two million packages of contraband cigarettes at Shuwaikh port. The contraband reportedly originated from an unspecified country in the Gulf, local media reported.

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