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Quadrise forms joint development agreement with BTG Bioliquids for renewable fuel solutions

Quadrise (AIM: QED), a leading provider of innovative energy solutions for a cleaner planet, has announced a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) with BTG Bioliquids BV (BTL), specialists in renewable biofuels.

The partnership aims to explore the use of BTL’s fast pyrolysis bio-oil (FPBO) as a cost-effective and renewable source of fuel in Quadrise’s bioMSAR™ solution.

BTL’s proprietary pyrolysis technology has the ability to convert agricultural and forestry residues, including sawmill waste, into FPBO. This homogeneous energy carrier can serve as a direct substitute for fossil fuels or be further upgraded into advanced biofuels. Currently, BTL’s technology is utilized in three FPBO-producing plants located in the Netherlands, Finland, and Sweden.

Under the JDA, Quadrise and BTL will collaborate on research and development initiatives to incorporate BTL’s FPBO into Quadrise’s bioMSAR™ emulsions. The objective is to generate stable bioMSAR™ emulsions incorporating FPBO, which will undergo laboratory formulations at Quadrise’s Research Facility. Successful formulations are then expected to progress to diesel engine tests within the next 12 months. Following that, subject to mutual agreement, third-party testing for marine use will be pursued, which can accelerate the development of bioMSAR™ Zero.

Jason Miles, CEO of Quadrise, expressed his delight in signing the JDA with BTG Bioliquids, highlighting the potential of advanced biofuels derived from woody biomass as competitive net-zero biofuel solutions. He emphasized that the collaboration aligns with Quadrise’s plans to commercialize bioMSAR™ and supply net-zero bioMSAR by 2030. By combining BTL’s fast pyrolysis bio-oils with Quadrise’s bioMSAR™ technology, the partnership aims to offer an attractive solution for the marine sector to accelerate decarbonization and reduce emissions in an economically viable and safe manner.

Gerhard Muggen, Managing Director of BTG Bioliquids, shared his enthusiasm for the agreement, stating that the successful integration of fast pyrolysis bio-oils into bioMSAR™ would be a significant step toward decarbonizing the shipping and power industries.

The partnership between Quadrise and BTG Bioliquids represents a strategic collaboration to explore renewable fuel solutions and drive the transition towards cleaner energy alternatives. By leveraging BTL’s expertise in pyrolysis technology and Quadrise’s bioMSAR™ solution, the two companies aim to contribute to the decarbonization efforts of the marine and power sectors.
Source: Quadrise

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