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Remote-Controlled Tugboats Ahead: Safe And Optimized Port Manoeuvres

FernSAMS is the german name for the „use of remote-controlled tugs in handling manoeuvres of large ships“. Together with fi ve other partners under the coordinator Voith, CML launched a project funded by the BMWi (german Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy), whose aim is to design a remote-controlled tug and all the components required for its operation. These range from automated line handover to communication and training programs.

The task of CML is to develop and validate the nautical assistance system. The assistance system builds the interface to the people involved in the manoeuvres. The requirements for the system will be analysed and determined based on typical manoeuvring situations. The tug‘s remote control is designed as an innovative control console. The use of this console will be tested and optimized at the CML by means of extensive simulations. At a later stage of the project, the remote control system will be used from a real harbour tugboat.

The successful implementation of the project is expected to increase the effi ciency of manoeuvres, reduce time and energy consumption and increase the safety of manoeuvres. The project also holds potential in terms of further development into a (partially) autonomous system. The scientists at CML are therefore delighted to receive funding: “The project conducts previous CML research work and enables us to further expand our expertise in the development and testing of autonomous technologies,“ says Laura Walther, project manager at CML.
Source: Fraunhofer Center For Maritime Logistics And Services CML

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