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Risk mitigation: it’s all about effective communication

As a mutual provider of insurance cover, TT Club’s primary mission is the reduction of risk in the international supply chain. Succinct communication on a broad spectrum of relevant safety and security matters is of foremost importance in achieving this aim in an industry which is multi-national and multi-cultural.

The latest communication device that TT has launched is TT Brief. These two-sided infographic-style advice sheets are aimed at specific risks, for example fraud and road safety, and also include guidance on general good practice to avoid loss, such as attention to due diligence. This easily digestible guidance also has the potential to be designed into poster form to ensure that guidance is always in plain sight. In addition, in regions where the insurer has identified spikes in particular types of incident, the Brief has been made available in the appropriate languages.

The fraud Brief, for example is in Turkish, as a spike in claims of this nature involving the sub-contracting of cargo movements to fictitious carriers was identified as a growing problem. More widespread concerns about road safety have prompted the relevant brief to be available in Arabic, Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Spanish, French, Portuguese and Turkish as well as English. An illustration is shown in the attached PDF and the full suite can be downloaded HERE

Commenting on the TT Brief initiative and other forms of communication in its library of advice, Mike Yarwood TT’s Managing Director, Loss Prevention said, “When formulating our guidance on risk mitigation, we believe effective communication is paramount. We are always concerned with delivering relevant insight, based on the sort of incidents we see, and how best logistics operators can avoid the situations that bring them about. In order that our messages are digested by the appropriate people and are fully understood we have devised a broad range of written and spoken communication channels. TT Brief is the latest of these.”

Further channels through which TT communicates range from its long-standing monthly advisory newsletter TT Talk to the more in-depth StopLoss series. From mid-2020 the Club has also been producing podcast materials, under the banner of ‘TT Live’, with one series on contractual issues and a second on theft and fraud already, in addition to using this medium for the monthly TT Talk articles. More recently, utilising online webinar capability, TT has continued various campaigns, such as raising the issues around container ship fires and encouraging increased adoption of the CTU Code.

“Appreciating the mobile nature of our audiences, we have been deliberately developing our TT Live Podcasts,” comments Yarwood. “This easily accessible resource, available to listeners at any time, covers such topics as supply chain security, abandoned cargo and the distinctions between liability and cargo insurance cover. Directed at all sectors of the global container and freight transport industry we continue to deliver insight into the prevention of loss.”
Source: TT Club

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