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Risk Of Detention For Anchoring In Indonesian Waters

There has been a rise in the number of vessels detained in Indonesian waters by the Indonesian Navy, particularly in the area east of Bintan Island. These waters are close to major shipping lanes and are sometimes mistakenly taken for the outer port limits of Singapore.

Members should check with local agents before their vessels anchor in the area, as any vessels anchoring in Indonesian waters must be cleared by the authorities prior to arrival and upon departure. This applies to all vessels even if there is no other intended activity beyond anchoring (e.g., cargo operations, crew changes, taking on stores or supplies, etc.)

Furthermore, all transhipment activities in Indonesian waters, including the operation of launch boats carrying stores or crew, are restricted to Indonesian-flagged vessels with Indonesian crews. The Indonesian Navy has been strictly upholding the law in this respect.

Members should also be aware that fines and penalties imposed by local authorities where illegal anchoring is alleged to have taken place are in no circumstances recoverable from the Club as a part of ordinary cover, but only at the sole discretion of the Board, and only to the extent that the Board, in the exercise of that discretion, may decide.

Your Managers recommend that Members take note of this information and be guided accordingly. They also wish to thank the Club’s correspondents, SPICA Services (INDONESIA), for their assistance in providing the information contained above.
Source: The American Club

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