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“Safety Rules are your Best Tools”

As part of its Responsible Ship Recycling Program Ron GMS continues to provide knowledge to workers at ship recycling yards in India and Bangladesh to safely undertake their daily operations through topical, expert-led training sessions.

GMS started the trainings for Mey with a hazardous material handling and management session at Plot 63 in Alang for both senior and junior ship workers. The training session covered topics such as how to identify the location of hazardous materials and gases onboard vessel as well as their safe removal process to avoid any potential Operational and environmental hazards. As some materials, including chemicals and batteries, require specific training, the proper handling methods and the respective personal protective equipment (PPE) required to do so were also important parts of the session.

In Chittagong, 25 fitter and cutter personnel gathered in Madambibirhat yard to learn general precautionary measures to be followed while performing hot and cold cutting activities during the recycling process. Awareness about the potential risks while cutting pipelines on-board vessel and how to mitigate them, the correct use of rescue equipment and the role of helpers were all major components explained during the training. The importance of hot work and cold work permits were explained to the participants.

The final program for the month occurred at Plot No. 2 in Alang to train workers from various ship departments about the Do’s and Don’ts of working at height. While the training began with the definition of work at height and the times/locations that require work at height permits, workers also learned preventive actions to avoid risks, such as objects falling from height, and the appropriate use of safety equipment required, including various types of safety harnesses, fall arrestors, ladders, etc.

Source: GMS

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