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Seafair Helps Shipowners Take Control of Manning

Over the past 3 years, Seafair has built its own manning operations in 16 countries around the world. The company has also developed crew software trusted by industry leaders to run their crewing operations. The company serves 30 companies that control a combined fleet of 600+ vessels. Today, the company combines all the operational learnings it has gained with a set of technological tools it has developed, to launch a service that changes manning forever.

COVID and the war in Ukraine brought tremendous complexity to maritime crewing, with companies competing more aggressively to attract good quality crews. In this war for talent, smaller principals tend to receive an inferior service from agents, who prioritize best resources for larger principals. If all principals could control their seafarer supply at a reasonable cost, they would do it right away, following the example of giants like Maran, Starbulk & Thenamaris who control their own manning. Some shipowners have learnt the hard way that office-in-office in agencies do not solve their problems – agency processes & access to the seafarer pool is still not transparent for the principal.

Seafair has digital tools & processes to share with principals a real-time, objective view of the 300,000 seafarers in its database, 24/7. The company offers a platform that shows if a seafarer is locked in a principal’s pool (in which case details are only visible to the principal), or if a seafarer is “free” & can be accessed by all principals. This objective system creates a level of trust among principals that has been missing for decades. Seafair also shares data on seafarer scoring based on a proprietary algorithm vs a seafarer’s desired salary – this helps principals identify market trends & understand how they can attract the talent they desire. Principals get full access to the platform that shows all historical interactions the agency has had with a seafarer, so that they can maintain full control over the manning agency’s operations.

“Our team combines deep crewing expertise with innovation & ambition to leave our mark in shipping. That’s the way to have a strong, lasting impact in this industry.”
George Rovis, Seafair COO

This innovative offering allows principals for the first time to control their manning transparently, without investing the capex required to build an agency, as Seafair takes care of the required infrastructure (offices, qualified personnel, MLC compliance, POEA licensing, etc). Shipowners who partner with Seafair on this initiative also get stock options in Seafair & access to the company’s financials – both elements that ensure aligned incentives & complete transparency.

“Shipowners don’t trust their manning agencies. We partner with visionary shipowners who trust that we can disrupt crewing & set a new paradigm for truly transparent & effective manning”
Agapitos Diakogiannis, Seafair CEO
Source: Seafair.io

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