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Seafarers and Frontline Maritime Personnel Thanked for Keeping Port of Singapore Open during COVID-19 Pandemic

To thank seafarers, port workers and other frontline maritime personnel for keeping the Port of Singapore open during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), together with PSA Corporation Limited (PSA) and Jurong Port (JP), have commissioned two mural art displays. The mural designs – one each at PSA and JP terminals – aim to highlight the vital role of these maritime personnel in ensuring that international trade and the flow of supplies into Singapore remain uninterrupted amidst the pandemic.

Each four-metre by two-metre mural incorporates elements and infrastructure specific to their site, such as quay crane, container cargo truck and container cargo ship at PSA terminals, and cement silos and tank terminals at JP terminals. Design elements such as brightly coloured containers and free-flying sea birds are weaved in to showcase the vibrancy of the maritime industry amidst the uncertainty and challenges of the pandemic.

The mural art designs were conceptualised and painted by local artist, Mr Jaxton Su and his team. PSA’s and JP’s staff also helped paint the murals, to show their appreciation to seafarers and maritime personnel.

Senior Minister of State (SMS) for Transport and Foreign Affairs, Mr Chee Hong Tat, together with senior representatives from MPA, PSA, JP as well as the unions, added the finishing touches to both murals at PSA and JP today.

SMS Chee had also designed a MaritimeSG face mask as a show of appreciation to members of the maritime community for their hard work in keeping the port running and staying safe by adhering to strict precautionary measures at the port. As part of MPA’s sustainability efforts, every mask produced contributes to pulling out 0.2kg of marine waste from the ocean as the vendor has pledged a portion of its proceeds to fund community beach clean-ups conducted by Seven Clean Seas, an ocean clean-up organisation dedicated to removing plastic pollution in the marine environment.

Senior Minister of State for Transport and Foreign Affairs, Mr Chee Hong Tat, with mural artist (right), together with senior management leaders from MPA, PSA and maritime union leaders.

Ms Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive of MPA, said, “During this COVID-19 pandemic, our seafarers, port workers and other frontline personnel have made personal sacrifices to keep our port and supply chains running. Some were away from home for extended periods. Others took on some risks as they board vessels for their work in the port. MPA is proud of their collective achievement in flying the flag of our port high. MPA will continue to work closely with stakeholders to ensure that the port operates uninterrupted to serve both locals as well as shipping companies alike.”

Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International, said, “2020 was an exceptional year which saw organisations worldwide respond proactively and collectively to challenges unprecedented in modern times. With the unwavering support of our unions and management, our staff have demonstrated adaptability, resilience and agility by working alongside our customers and partners to keep global supply chains open and trade flows moving. My heartfelt thanks to each and every one at PSA Singapore for setting an extraordinary example of commitment and solidarity in this challenging time.”

Mr Ooi Boon Hoe, Jurong Port Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our frontliners and seafarers are performing vital roles and have made many sacrifices to keep our port and supply chains open and uninterrupted during this COVID-19 pandemic. Their hard work is often far from plain sight of the public and I am heartened that through this mural, JP together with our union and maritime partners, are able to show our heartfelt gratitude and raise awareness of their continuing contribution.”

Ms Mary Liew, General Secretary, Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union, said, “Many in the public may not understand the role of Seafarers. They transport more than 80% of the world goods by sea including our daily necessities. Seafarers are key workers in the maritime industry who have worked tirelessly during the pandemic to keep the global supply chain moving. Over the years, SMOU has worked closely with our tripartite partners to support the wellbeing and welfare of Seafarers. I am glad that together, we collaborated to offer assistance to our Seafarers who have been affected by crew change and unable to sign on ships during these challenging times. Our heartfelt appreciation to our maritime workers who have gone through this tough time. We are here for you and your family during these challenging times. Every worker matters.”

Mr Kam Soon Huat, President of Singapore Organisation of Seamen, said, “SOS expresses our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all seafarers and maritime workers for being the strong pillars of the global maritime trade and supply chain. They are our unsung heroes of the pandemic, who continue to work tirelessly to bring food and essentials goods to our tables, despite facing health risks and international travel restrictions. We salute all seafarers and maritime workers for their dedications and personal sacrifices.”
Source: Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

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