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Serving Society-Covid-19

Continuing the tradition of serving (διακονεῖν) society and driven by their sense of duty towards our fellowmen, Angelakos (Hellas) S.A. and the family of Evangelos El. Angelakos took the initiative and supported, through the Union of Greek Shipowners, central and regional state hospitals in Greece with medical equipment for the treatment of the pandemic Covid-19.

Specifically, they have donated diagnostic and supportive equipment, as well as monitoring devices for checking physiological parameters to the hospitals “Sotiria” in Athens, “Skylitseio” in Chios island, and the regional medical center in Oinousses islands.

Additionally, and as a tribute to Greek national benefactors, plaquettes were placed on these devices, with inscriptions in commemoration of Andreas Syngros, Ioannis Varvakis (Leontis), Zannis Stefanovik-Skylitsis, Apostolos Arsakis, Evangelis Zappas and Baron Simon von Sina. Concurrently, they funded a cutting-edge research project of international impact regarding the virus SARS-COV-2.

The research is conducted at the University of Athens, Research Institute for the Study of Genetic and Malignant Disorders in Childhood, Choremeio Research Laboratory, “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital, in cooperation with scientists of the Greek National Public Health Organization. The results of the research are expected to contribute to the treatment of this pandemic that has cost so many human lives in Greece and the world.

Angelakos (Hellas) S.A. and the family of E. E. Angelakos congratulate all the doctors, nurses and staff of all hospitals, who are at the front line of this war against the pandemic, for their Hippocratic dedication to their vocation.
Source: Angelakos (Hellas) S.A.

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