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Ship Adds Green Tech Park To Novazone And Novaporte Project

Sydney Harbour Investment Partners (SHIP), a privately owned, Canadian seaport investment and development company, announced yesterday the creation of a new, strategic initiative to run in conjunction with its existing exclusive port mandate. The new strategic initiative will establish eastern North America’s most energy efficient, most environmentally advanced, deep water port, logistics park and on-dock rail facility in the Port of Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. As a component of Novaporte’s Green Design Strategy, the Port and adjacent logistics park, Novazone, will be the greenest facilities of their kind in the world, with a carbon neutral footprint. This green design is under the direction of AECOM, one of the world’s largest infrastructure engineering firms. A critical part of this strategy calls for the establishment of a park within a park dedicated to nurturing and commercializing the latest green technologies. “Our goal is to provide the green fuels, energy, lubricants and other products, as well the supporting infrastructure that our shipping, ro-ro and bulk partners require,” said Albert Barbusci, CEO of Sydney Harbour Investment Partners.

This dynamic new venture, operating under the name NOVARe, will be undertaken in concert with First Nations. “As active partners in SHIP, the reduced carbon footprint of our facilities is key to the sustainability of the project moving forward,” said Chief Terry Paul of Membertou. “Ensuring we’re doing all we can to protect our resources and our communities is a Mi’kmaq value we hold closely. We’re pleased to continue on this project with environmental efficiency at its forefront.” “A deep-water port, adjacent to a large logistics park within a Foreign Trade Zone is a winning combination that few legacy ports on the eastern seaboard can provide. We have it,” said Barbusci.

“The addition of a park within a park focused exclusively on new green technologies is another plus for Novaporte.” Several charter green technology companies to join NOVARe will be announced in the coming weeks. The first of these is QCI, LLC, a Michigan-based leader in the field of transforming waste Page 2 of 2 plastic into highly valuable green renewable energy and fuels and other byproducts using their proprietary Transmolecular™ Process. QCI, LLC has developed three unique proprietary technologies to remine, reform and recycle nearly 100 per cent of municipal solid waste, waste plastic, scrap tires and rubber waste streams. Their process makes the end-of-life of the pollution streams highly profitable and recyclable for the first time in history. QCI’s emissions-free systems process large quantities of plastic and other solid waste into sulfur-free, carbon-free, renewable fuels suitable for use in current gasoline and diesel vehicles, locomotives, ships and other conventional diesel and gasoline industrial applications. QCI’s CEO, Dean Rose, remarked: “NOVARe is the ideal location for our waste plastics-to-fuel conversion industry. It gives us the opportunity to process waste streams from many regions delivered by ship, rail or road transportation. Additionally, it allows us to export our renewable fuels and chemicals via the same network. Joining with other Green Industry companies, it provides us with an ideal centre for collaboration on other essential 21st century non-polluting processes and byproducts. We are very pleased to support SHIP in this exciting project.”
Source: SHIP, Novaporte

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