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“SHIP ZERO” ZESTA Event Held During COP26 with SAILCARGO Presenting on Hydrogen Plans

The emerging zero emission shipping company SAILCARGO INC has been chosen as one of the speakers at “SHIP ZERO – Charging to ‘True Zero”. This is a three day workshop designed as an opportunity for the international shipping sector to chart a course to true zero emissions for trans-oceanic shipping. This event is being hosted by Zero Emission Ship Technology Association (ZESTA) parallel to COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland between November 1-3 2021.

SAILCARGO INC CEO Danielle Doggett will present on the design for combined hydrogen and wind cargo vessels on the first day of the workshop, November 1. This unprecedented three-day event brings together global thought leaders and top decision makers to brainstorm disruptive solutions with industry peers. SAILCARGO INC is currently building traditional sailing cargo ships that will use a combination of traditional sail power, electric engines, variable pitch propellers, batteries and eventually hydrogen fuel cells.

SAILCARGO INC has begun working with Costa Rican company Ad Astra led by engineer and astronaut Dr. Franklin Chang Díaz. The two companies are supporting the “Hydrogen for the Sea” campaign that will promote the development and implementation of hydrogen fuel cells in the maritime industry. The “Hydrogen for the Sea” campaign will initiate a joint funding effort aimed at demonstrating the implementation of a hydrogen fuel cell system in zero emission cargo ships.

“The time for half measures on climate action in the shipping sector has past,” said Madadh MacLaine, Secretary General, ZESTAs. “That’s why we’re bringing together industry, government and thought leaders to create joint initiatives that will provoke strong action in the first half of this decade. We have the technology to build, fuel and operate fully zero emissions vessels of every class and size. It’s time to do it.”

“SHIP ZERO” presents a unique opportunity to network and create a new vision for the industry. The three-day workshop will include robust technical presentations and speakers’ panels. Audience Q&A and brainstorming sessions will follow each session to facilitate collaborative solution building. There will be brainstorming breakout groups to formulate ways that policy, finance, market, and technology can all be used to leverage rapid transition to a zero emissions. By the end of the three days there will be a navigational chart with action waypoints guiding industry to the safe haven of “true zero.”

ZESTAs is an international trade association of global game-changers developing true zero emission ship technologies. The association is a bold voice impacting industry, legislation and regulation to uptake true zero emission ship technologies and fuels.

ZESTAs purpose is to promote rapid and large-scale uptake of Zero Emissions Ship Technology (ZEST). Zero Emissions means zero GHG emissions at point of use on the vessel with minimal upstream impacts. By combining zero emission technologies, we achieve zero emissions at a shipboard level faster. With today’s technologies we can achieve fully zero emissions now, particularly on smaller return to base vessels, and drastically reduce emissions on larger ocean going vessels with more complicated operational profiles.
Source: Sailcargo Inc.

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