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Shippeo Advances Multimodal Transport Visibility Platform With New Autumn Platform Release, Announces Searoutes Partnership for Precise Carbon Emissions Tracking

Shippeo, a leading provider of global and multimodal shipment visibility, announced major platform enhancements as part of their feature-packed 2022 Autumn platform release at their Visibility Now! event in Paris. The update brings a range of new, disruptive capabilities to their Ocean Visibility solution, higher accuracy carbon emissions calculations powered by specialist Searoutes, and a range of general enhancements aimed at boosting data quality, usability and supply chain ecosystem collaboration.

“We know that supply chain resiliency is top of mind for supply chain executives and that dynamic operational visibility is foundational for resilience,” explains Anand Medepalli, Chief Product Officer at Shippeo. “Our latest platform release brings a range of exciting features and capabilities, arming organizations with the tools and knowledge to make quicker decisions, mitigate disruptions and collaborate with trading partners in real time, so that supply chain actors can design, plan and run the most profitable, sustainable and resilient supply chains.”

“The enormous challenges and uncertainty around ocean shipping, and growing internal and external pressures for businesses to operate more sustainably, are key drivers for the exciting innovations we’re introducing in our Autumn release, delivering significant value for our customers. We know that Shippeo’s value comes from us being a reliable visibility platform with a strong carrier network delivering high quality visibility data and meaningful insights with an intuitive user experience. These are precisely the areas our product team focused on in 2022.”

Major enhancements to Ocean Visibility platform including a new Port Insights engine

Shippeo’s latest Ocean Visibility solution updates provide customers with more useful, higher-quality ocean transport data, thanks to a new tech architecture supporting data quality and scalability improvements, making it possible to track an unlimited number of containers across multiple data sources. In addition, new dashboards provide powerful insights to aid in contract negotiations with carriers.

Enhanced demurrage and detention analytics down to a port pair level make it easier to identify and proactively react to affected containers. New Lane Insights highlight lead time, punctuality, transshipment duration, and more, offering new network analysis tools for shippers. Shippers can identify weak spots, such as ports or carriers experiencing frequent delays, and access lane analysis for specific routes.

Port Insights provides shippers with a better understanding of congestion and efficiency at ports throughout the world. In addition, by drawing on Shippeo’s multi-year research into ETA algorithms and geofencing technology, users benefit from best-in-class vessel ETAs, promising significant accuracy improvements over those provided by shipping lines. Through combining historical data with live AIS satellite data, terrestrial data and vessel schedule data, Shippeo’s Port Insights engine generates more accurate arrival and departure events at marine ports, resulting in the highest fidelity visibility of journeys and milestones for any shipment.

“We believe our Ocean Visibility platform offers the most accurate view available of what’s happening for any port on the planet,” says Medepalli. “With insights on more than 3000 ports worldwide, we offer customers a more complete and accurate understanding of their vessel routes. Along with our enhanced Demurrage and Detention dashboard, Lane Insights and best-in-class vessel ETA algorithm, our latest ocean product update is a disruptive, market-leading solution. And, as it is built on the same platform as our Road, Air and Rail Visibility solutions, we can help track multimodal shipments, regardless of which modes are used.”

New Searoutes partnership for reliable, global CO2 emission calculations

Shippeo’s Carbon Visibility product takes granular shipment level data, including routes, mileage, and more, to estimate carbon emissions attributable to road, ocean, inland waterway, rail and air shipments. A new platform integration with specialist carbon emissions estimating company Searoutes now allows accredited, higher quality carbon, and other greenhouse gas-equivalent emissions calculations across all transport modes in a single platform.

Searoutes also offers the unique benefit of modeled calculations for both milk-runs over road, and for ocean shipments. Advanced algorithms and a more detailed analysis, mean emissions are now less likely to be overstated and insights are more actionable.

“By combining Shippeo’s high quality data and Searoutes’s state-of-the-art models, our platform offers a unique and powerful Carbon Visibility solution to help our customers run sustainable supply chains,” explains Medepalli. “Our approach to carbon reporting simplifies effort for shippers and carriers by combining analysis across all modes in a single platform, and makes it possible to review carbon footprint at different levels of granularity, such as by region or business unit.”

Searoutes CEO, Pierre Garreau, expresses his delight about the partnership. “Searoutes was founded to find ways to use the latest data modeling and AI to solve the dual challenge of lowering fuel consumption and carbon emissions in one of the biggest contributing sectors to climate change; transportation,” says Garreau. “Today, Shippeo offers the best visibility data stewardship out there, so the mix of their excellent data quality with top-notch greenhouse gas emissions modeling from Searoutes will give customers the ability to have extremely accurate emissions reporting to help figure out a baseline for determining the best supply chain strategy, as they navigate an increasingly regulated shipping landscape.”

Platform innovations boosting data quality, usability and supply chain ecosystem collaboration

Along with Ocean and Carbon Visibility solution enhancements, Shippeo has introduced a number of other platform updates to propel its category-leading data intelligence capabilities even further. It’s now easier to detect broken telematics units with Shippeo platform’s unique Smart Tracking Analyzer, a tool which analyzes root-causes of low tracking rates and prescribes actions for users to remedy them. In addition, it’s now possible for users to update transport orders and add milestone events, such as multiple delivery attempts, even after transportation has finished, so that recorded information can be made more accurate, contributing to overall quality of visibility data.

In parallel, a new Notifications Builder offers platform users the ability to fully configure, customize and white label notifications. With a simple UI, the tool introduces greater flexibility for new ways to communicate and collaborate with ecosystem partners.
Source: Searoutes

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