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Shipping’s Digital Expectations in 2018

One of the most commonly misunderstood aspects of technology change is that it’s disruptive. It’s a myth. The best technologies integrate seamlessly. Not only because they’re better, but because they are reflection of an unmet market need.

However, technology adoption alone won’t drive digital transformation. Moving to digitised operations and automating processes will drive efficiency gains, but this is only the beginning. To move beyond operational efficiency and realise the full potential that the fourth industrial revolution can deliver, you need a truly digital vision that encompasses your entire organisation.

They may be the buzzwords of the industry today, but automation and digitalisation are changing the fundamental nature of operations in shipping. Unless you have a clear idea of how this is going to impact your business you’ll have a limited view of the opportunities, as well as the threats, it poses.

Tomorrow’s Means of Exchange

For those with a weather eye on the horizon, it is clear that harnessing the power and unlocking the potential of data will be a key focus of the coming year, and indeed of years to come. But as we stand today, this can only be realised through access to information. Unless you have reliable hardware capable of meeting the demands of future technologies, the spectrum of opportunity you can realise will be severely limited.

Information is becoming a currency, not only for data-driven productivity improvements, but also as a source of value creation in its own right. To maximise the potential power of data, it’s essential that the technologies you use adapt to how information is received, shared and applied. It’s only through reliable, uninterrupted connectivity that you’ll have access to the data you need to be able to realise the full scope of your ambitions.

Access to the global digital ecosystem is facilitated by innovative antenna technologies that allow for reliable access to data, anywhere and at any time. Crucial to this is the need to look beyond the component elements of satellite communications systems in isolation, and instead seek to employ comprehensive and connected smart solutions that are tailored to the needs of the individual vessel or platform.

Paul Comyns

Intellian, through the innovation behind its ground-breaking v-Series antennas, has played a pivotal role in revolutionising VSAT, moving it from a cumbersome technology to a viable, convenient communications solution which is at the forefront of pioneering remote management.

It is widely agreed that smart technology has already begun to revolutionise shipping, and will continue to bring changes to the industry in the near future. By ensuring that vessels are connected to the digital ecosystem through reliable antenna technologies, shipowners can ensure they are keeping apace with developments today, as well as future-proofing themselves for technological innovations to come. Innovation in the digital space moves fast, and without forward-thinking technologies that continually look to anticipate the next step in the journey towards digitalisation and automation, shipowners can quickly find themselves behind the curve, and out of pocket.
Source: Paul Comyns, Vice President of Global Marketing, Intellian Technologies

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