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Sinay Unveils BIOSHIP: A scoring software for transforming global maritime transportation for an ecological future

Yanis SOUAMI, CEO of SINAY—an Ocean Tech company, made a groundbreaking announcement during his address at the greenshipping panel session organized by the Prince Albert de Monaco Foundation on the sidelines of the COP28 in Dubai. He revealed the launch of BIOSHIP, a pioneering software suite designed to score ships’ environmental and operational indicators globally and in real- time.

In a world increasingly focused on environmental impact, Sinay introduces BIOSHIP as the premier tool to provide comprehensive, real-time scoring of ships’ environmental footprints and operational efficiencies on a global scale. With stringent regulations and growing environmental consciousness among stakeholders and consumers, demand for worldwide data to monitor maritime traffic’s impact on the environment is at an all-time high.

BIOSHIP responds to this need by offering a suite that enables end-users, freight forwarders, bank and insurance to select service providers based on their environmental and operational performance. The core ambition of BIOSHIP is to democratize information, fostering greener and more intelligent shipping practices. Employing a third-party rating system, BIOSHIP monitors and enhances ships’ operational and environmental performances.

This cutting-edge scoring system will be a game-changer for the shipping industry, encompassing diverse indicators such as GHG emissions, underwater noise, biodiversity impact, ETA, congestion, and more. By amalgamating multiple data sources and leveraging advanced data science and AI algorithms, BIOSHIP guarantees a comprehensive, real-time solution with global coverage.

Yanis SOUAMI explains, “Through our work in the Mediterranean Sea with the ACCOBAMS, international agreement for cetacean conservation, we’ve validated this approach. The use of data allowed us to map shipping activity and its impact on wildlife in the Mediterranean basin. Making this information public and accessible leads to genuine awareness and, ultimately, transformative changes in end-user practices. This will drive shipping players towards a more sustainable future.”
Source: Sinay

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