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Sinotech Marine Coronavirus Press Release

Day by day the coronavirus continues to spread globally and with it the travel restrictions are increasing just as aggressively. For the shipping industry these travel restrictions and the virus itself are imposing more obstacles for companies to conduct their everyday business.

Simultaneously, the global economy has taken a significant hit with the financial markets falling multiple times over the last week. As we all know, the market crashes will result in further economic pressures for the shipping industry. The combination of the travel restrictions and the economic downturn leave many shipping companies in a vulnerable position. During this unprecedented time of challenges, ship managers are turning to global marine consultancy firms.

Global marine consultancy firms were created for situations like this one to provide solutions to their clients. The value in the marine consultancy firm’s localize man workforce has increased exponentially. Firms such as Sinotech Marine can help avoid delays caused by the restrictions as they have local expert surveyors in 74 countries ready to attend vessels. The advantage of the global maritime consultancy firms is their vast presence gives their clients a standardized manner in which to inspect vessels while bypassing lag times of quarantining.

Furthermore, due to shipping environment, we currently we are witnessing a spike in floating dry dock sales. To avoid delays from many Asian shipyards being closed due to the coronavirus, a viable solution has become to purchase floating dry docks from China and moving them to places of convenience. Global marine consultancy firms, like Sinotech Marine, have proven track records of expertise in assessing the condition of floating dry docks to help companies prosper among the challenging times.
Source: Sinotech Marine Media

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