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Sperre Coolers becomes Hydroniq Coolers

Norwegian supplier of marine coolers for all types of ships and rigs, Sperre Coolers AS, rebranded to Hydroniq Coolers AS.

The reasons behind the name change is that the Sperre family sold its compressor business Sperre Industrier AS to private equity player Norvestor in March last year. As part of the transaction, Norvestor also acquired the rights to the “Sperre” trademark.

“Hydroniq is referring to regulation of temperature through use of liquids, which explains what our business is about,” says Inge Bøen, CEO of Hydroniq Coolers.

Hydroniq Coolers delivers heat exchanges to the maritime sector. Heat exchangers are utilised to reduce temperatures in the engine room, through use of seawater, on board all types of ships and rigs. The company has been established as an internationally renowned supplier because of a product design with very low maintenance requirements. When the systems requires maintenance, the vessel crew can easily do the job themselves. In sum, the company’s seawater coolers offers the lowest operating cost in the global maritime marketplace.

“In addition to offering the market’s most solid and maintenance friendly marine cooling systems, our ambition is to continue offering a 48 hour worldwide guarantee for delivery of spare parts. Both Norwegian and international shipowners are increasingly focusing on the lifetime costs of the equipment on board their vessels, and the most cost conscious ones tend to opt for our technology,” says Inge Bøen.

Hydroniq Coolers has also developed a seawater cooling solution that is integrated in the hull below the main engine room. As a result, a lot of space is freed up in the engine room, which is already a cramped area on most vessels.

The company delivers its marine cooling solutions to vessels that operate within offshore, shipping, cruise, passenger transport, fishery and fish farming. Shipowners, yards and ship designers are among the company’s customers and cooperation partners.

Hydronic Coolers AS is owned by investment company SMV Invest AS (formerly Sperre Mek. Verksted AS), which is led by Erik Langseth, who is also chairman of the board of Hydronic Coolers.

“The Sperre family’s primary focus is to develop its remaining industrial operations, including Hydroniq Coolers. SMV Invest AS has a solid financial position and is prepared to support Hydroniq Coolers to the ultimate benefit of the company’s customers,” says Erik Langseth.
Source: Hydronic Coolers AS

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