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Supramaxes are the Weapon of Choice for Greek Ship Owners

Ship owners have been more than active in the S&P Market, as the year closes to an end. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “this has been another active week in the second-hand market for both the dry bulk and tanker sectors. Buying interest has recently increased, which is evidenced by the numerous transactions being concluded lately. We are seeing an increased number of vessels being inspected and a substantial number of vessels also being negotiated as we speak”.

According to Mr. Vasilis Moiris, SnP Broker with Intermodal, “in the dry bulk sector and in view of the recent increased supply of market candidates, we are seeing a slight softening in values despite the satisfactory freight rates. The period market has not been as firm as in the previous weeks, but we notice that owners feel reluctant to fix their vessels amidst a sideways/slightly negative performance of the freight market. The same reservedly optimistic sentiment is also evident on the SnP side. We are noticing that a number of buyers are keen to acquire a vessel, with focus on those built 2008 onwards. Greek buyers have been very active, particularly in Supramax sector, as they still see values at attractive levels”.

Intermodal’s broker added that “following three rounds of inspections, the ‘MAEMI SPIRIT’ (53,482dwt-blt ‘08, Japan) is now reported sold to Greek buyers for a price in the region of $11.2m, a level significantly lower than the $13.05m the ‘NIKKEI DRAGON’ (52,950dwt-blt ‘09, Japan) managed to obtain the prior week. In the Kamsarmax sector, Greek buyers are reported to have bought the ‘PRIME LILY’ (81,507dwt-blt ‘12, S. Korea) for a price in the region of $20.6m, basis delivery Atlantic, which would justify the premium on price and we compare this to the ‘JAG ARYA’ (81,000dwt-blt ‘11, S. Korea), which was sold to Greek buyers, for a price in the region of $18.95m a few weeks ago”.

Meanwhile, “in the tanker sector and in view of the recent increase in freight rates, particularly on the crude side, buying interest is now becoming more apparent. Two Aframaxes the ‘DHT CATHY’ (119,928dwt-blt ‘04, S. Korea) and the ‘DHT SOPHIE’ (112,045dwt-blt ‘03, S. Korea) have been sold for a price in the region of $12.4m and $11.9m respectively to Greek buyers. A number of similar aged ships are now inviting offers and we expect to report more on them within the next couple of weeks. As far as MR tankers are concerned, the ‘NORD INNOVATION’ (47,981dwt-blt ‘10, Japan) has been sold for a price in the region of $17.2m to Turkish buyers (c/o Densay) after seven buyers inspected her in Rotterdam. The fact that the vessel will be delivered with surveys passed and BWTS installed has affected her final price that is higher compared to the last done”, the shipbroker said.

“Additionally, we are noticing that banks are also becoming more optimistic on the tanker sector with increasing talk of financing for bigger vessels as well, possibly seeing the same opportunities they saw on the dry bulk side when the sector was slowly coming out of its lows in the not-too-distant past. One thing is certain, the SnP market will maintain everyone’s interest vivid in the coming winter and it looks like buying opportunities are still present in both sectors”, Intermodal concluded.
Nikos Roussanoglou, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

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