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Tests of the unique replenishment system on the «Akademik Pashin tanker» were successful

Crew of tanker continues testing of unique replenishment system which is installed on the medium sea tanker «Academic Pashin» (project 23130).

The tanker is equipped with the systems for underway transfer of liquid and dry cargoes to ships and vessels.

The medium sea tanker «Akademik Pashin» successfully transferred liquid cargo to three vessels at the same time, dry cargo, as well as a dummy.

The transfer tests of liquid cargo without mooring to other vessels was successful.

The vessel is designed for receiving, storing, transporting and transferring of liquid cargo: diesel fuel, fuel oil, aviation kerosene, motor oil, water. Dry cargos: food, skipper and technical equipment.

Technical description:

The project is developed by Spetssudoproect, JSC. The construction of the tanker “ACADEMICIAN PASHIN” is being carried out in accordance with the State Contract for the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

The ship represents medium-sized sea tanker, steel, single-deck, with bulb fore end and transom aft end with forecastle and poop superstructures, double-hull near cargo tanks, with cargo hold in the middle part, with living superstructure and engine room in the aft end, with diesel single-shaft propulsion system, with bow thruster, with reinforced ice class Arc 4.

Sailing area – unlimited.
Source: Nevsky Shipyard

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