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The American Club: Covid-19 – Developments In Scb’s New York Office

Following the diagnosis of a COVID-19 infection of an individual working for a company occupying a floor adjacent to that on which your Managers’ office is situated here in New York, and given the exigencies of the growing pandemic in general, it has been decided, with immediate effect, to permit staff to work from home until the end of March.

This does not in practice mean that the New York office will be entirely unmanned over that period. Those personnel who wish to attend the Managers’ premises, even if on an intermittent basis, will be able to do so, public transport arrangements, etc, permitting.

However, the paramount motivation being the health and safety of your Managers’ staff in the currently very difficult conditions which prevail, Members should assume that most members of staff will be working from home until the end of the month, at which time a further review will take place, and further policy in this regard considered.

Your Managers remain single-mindedly committed, despite these highly unusual circumstances, to maintaining full Club service over the weeks ahead as the current pandemic conditions play out, hopefully in a positive direction, over time.

Further developments will be reported as they occur, and Members are asked to note the above in the meantime.
Source: The American Club

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