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The Canary Islands Hub Is A One-Stop Shop For Maritime And Marine Offshore Operations In The Mid-Atlantic

The Canary Islands has been called the new Aberdeen of the mid-Atlantic, as it further positions itself as an alternative for maritime industry companies looking to operate in West Africa. Located between Europe, Africa, and the U.S., the islands and its ports offer many advantages to potential investors, such as:

– Superb infrastructure and services
– Skilled labor in a variety of sectors related to the marine industry
– Excellent sea and air connections
– First-class flight with more than 2,800 weekly international flights
– Full application of the European Union legal system
– Solid relationships between the islands and the various African countries
– The most favorable tax climate in Europe (4 percent income tax)

These benefits and more make the Canary Islands an ideal region to invest in for maritime and offshore sectors, as well as renewable energies, astrophysics, ports, oil and gas, information and communication technology, audiovisual, professional services and tourism sectors.

The Canary Islands’ Port of La Luz and Las Palmas, world famous for its naval repair and ship supply services in the mid-Atlantic, has connections to 180 ports and numerous international shipping companies have established offices there, such as Rolls Royce Marine, Subsea Masters and Hyundai, who had foreseen the islands’ market potential.

Throughout its internationalization, Las Palmas Port has continued to adapt to the needs of the market, while aiming to cover the Macaronesian region. The port shows a bright future ahead with the arrival of the cruise and offshore markets to the islands.

With the Canary Islands on the front line of renewable energy growth in Europe and navigating the journey toward industry 4.0, Las Palmas Port will present the Mid Atlantic Ship Repair & Supply Summit on April 4-5. It will focus on the numerous advantages the port’s facilities offer businesses, industry 4.0 issues, economic tax benefits, big opportunities behind offshore wind energy, new strategies within the International Maritime Organization emissions regulations and renewable marine energies.

The summit will also bring together the maritime sector’s leading companies and 250 experts including Rolls-Royce Service Center Manager, Nils-Reidar Olsvik Valle, who will share his positive experience with working in the islands. “The safety and security of operating in the Canary Islands means that there are no surprises when it comes to regulations and policies,” says Valle.
Source: Canary Islands Hub

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