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The Moore Maritime Index 2021 is available

The Moore Maritime Index “MMI”, a database that contains operating costs and revenues from more than 1,500 vessels, has been updated and is available with the 2020 data.

The data comes from audited financial statements of ship owning companies only, and therefore the results produced by the Index show the “real world” of financial performance of the shipping industry across more than 20 vessel types.

We have also published our reports “Shipping Trends based on the Fleet Size 2021” and “Shipping Trends based on the Country of Built 2021”, which focus on studying the possible trends and correlations between the fleet size, the country of built and operating expenses of the vessels.

Moore Greece main observations can be found in the ‘Highlights’ sections of the respective Reports. The main takeaways are:

· MMI Report 2021 data continues to support this observation that was first introduced in the “Shipping Trends based on the Fleet Size 2019” that the relationship between operating expenses and fleet size is not linear.

· Fleet size appears to play a role in the volatility of operating expenses with larger fleet sizes incurring lowest annual increase in operating expenses.

· The country of build seems to be a factor that affects the operating expenses of a vessel although the exact correlations are to be further investigated.

“I am very pleased that after three years our data is enriched, we are able to account for the time factor in our queries and thus able to make new data driven observations which will help the industry better understand the behavior of operating expenses” mentioned Mr. Costas Constantinou, Moore Global’ s maritime leader and managing partner of Moore Greece.

To access the Moore Maritime Index, please visit moore-index.com.
Source: Moore Greece

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