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The Port of Gandia increases its traffic by 19%

The port of Gandia mobilised a total of 250,282 tonnes of goods in 2022, representing an increase of 18.89% compared to 2021, an area with traffic centred on various sectors which all showed an upward trend in the last financial year. Of the total amount of goods, 75% corresponds to import goods to supply the business fabric of its area of influence, while 25% are goods destined for sale abroad.

Imports of paper and pulp represented 44% of the weight of the Port of Gandia’s traffic. This sector presented a positive balance in 2022 compared to 2021, reaching 109,822 tonnes, with an increase of 11.34% compared to the previous year. This was followed by chemical products which recorded exports of 56,526 tonnes and an increase of 11.24% over 2021.

The third sector in terms of traffic was other metallurgical products, which moved imports totalling 49,469 tonnes, an increase of 44.61%. Another of the strategic sectors for the Gandía site, wood and cork, recorded an increase of 27.38% to 31,741 tonnes. These four sectors represent 99% of the traffic of the Port of Gandía, an area which handles very specific goods of conventional general cargo, with a high degree of specialisation in the handling of goods such as paper reels and pulp, imported wood, chemical products and other articles such as aluminium.

In addition, according to data from the Statistical Bulletin of the Port Authority of Valencia (PAV), in 2022 a total of 82 ships docked at the docks of the gandienses, seven more than in 2021.

130 years of history

The Port of Gandia provides a service to its region, its citizens and its business fabric, an enclosure that celebrates 130 years of history and that was born for the export of oranges for the impulse of the people of La Safor. A facility that is going to become the first European port to be energy self-sufficient after the PAV awarded the works for the installation and maintenance of a solar energy plant to be in shed 4 and which will occupy an area of 4,500 square metres.

In addition, the PAV and the City Council have been working together to transform the city’s seafront. A project that has recently been presented under the name ‘Camins a la Mar’, an example of city-port success. An intervention that will fill the South Quay with life and cultural, social and leisure activity, with an investment of more than six million euros by Valenciaport, which will open a new opportunity for tourist attraction for visitors and the residents of Gandia as a space for leisure, culture and restaurants.
Source: Valencia Port

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