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Turkey buys 210,000 T wheat from supplies already inside country

Turkey’s state grain board TMO on Friday provisionally purchased an estimated 210,000 tonnes of wheat in a tender seeking supplies already in warehouses in Turkey, traders said.

The lowest price was said to be $409.00 a tonne ex-warehouse for 12.5% protein wheat.

Two wheat tenders from the TMO close on Friday. Along with the tender seeking 210,000 tonnes of supplies already inside Turkey, the other seeks about 270,000 tonnes for import shipment to Turkey, with results still awaited.

The tonnages purchased in TMO’s tenders are provisional and subject to final confirmation in the coming days. Purchases can be reduced or cancelled completely.

Traders reported these provisional purchases in the warehouse tender, showing port of delivery, tonnes sold, seller, protein content and price in dollars per tonne ex-warehouse in Turkey

Port Tonnes Seller Protein Price

Samsun 5,000 Uyanikerler 12.5% $409.00

Samsun 15,000 Bek Tarım 13.5% $418.70

Samsun 25,000 Tiryaki 12.5% $414.60

Samsun 5,000 Ulusoy 13.5% $418.70

Iskenderun 10,000 Erser 13.5% $428.70

Iskenderun 25,000 Grainstar 12.5% $424.90

Iskenderun 15,000 Altinates 12.5% $429.90

Mersin 5,000 Viterra 13.5% $431.10

Mersin 20,000 Tiryaki 12.5% $427.70

Izmir 25,000 Grainstar 12.5% $416.80

Bandırma 5,000 Seta 12.5% $416.00

Bandırma 5,000 Erser 13.5% $422.20

Bandırma 10,000 Erser 12.5% $418.20

Bandırma 5,000 Bek Tarım 13.5% $422.30

Tekirdag 10,000 Erser 12.5% $416.00

Tekirdag 5,000 Promaks 12.5% $419.00

Tekirdag 10,000 Bek Tarım 12.5% $419.50

Trabzon 5,000 Bek Tarım 13.5% $429.70

Trabzon 5,000 Bek Tarım 12.5% $428.10

Turkey is among countries facing a major increase in import costs because of the war in Ukraine, which has caused wheat prices to surge to 10-year highs after cuts to exports by both Ukraine and Russia. GRA/

But some grain trading houses have made advance shipments of wheat to warehouses in Turkey in recent months to avoid repeated increases to Russia’s grain export taxes.
Source: Reuters (Reporting by Michael Hogan Editing by David Goodman)

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